Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wk#12 Marathon Training- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly AND.......

Here's how it went for me:

Tuesday- 5mi/49:47
Thursday- 8mi/1:15:43
Friday- 4.38mi/44:00
Saturday- 20mi/3:21:44

On Tuesday my plan was to start at the park and go into town, when I got to the park I saw my original running buddy (he is 69yrs old and could out run me any day, not sure about now though!LOL) he is recovering from an injury so he is at a run walk pace, NO problem for me I was okay with taking it easy I was just glad to see him out! I ended up doing 2mi with him then finished off the 3mi myself~ might as well finish taking it easy and that I did.

The BAD:
I wanted to do my 8mi on Wednesday but it was storming after work so I went home about 30mins after I was home the storm was over and I should have went BUT I didn't! So Thursday it was a yucky rainy morning, it stopped by the afternoon but it was cold and damp, didn't matter though because I was doing my 8mi no matter what! I felt fine all day and was ready however when I took the first step to run my right leg pain was hurting. I continued on feeling like I was probably slow but too my surprise I wasn't. The pain continued but seemed to not hurt as bad the farther I went so I survived!

Friday morning my legs were feeling tired so I wore my compression socks to work thinking I would be ready to do another 5mi after work. Once again the weather was cold and damp, Kentucky weather is CRAZY one day it is warm and sunny the next day it is cold, damp and windy, but again I was going no matter what! Since I already had my compression socks on and I was only running 5mi I decided to leave them on and see what happens? Again my leg hurt and hurt BAD from the first step I took but thinking about the day before and how it felt better I decided to keep on going and hope for the best! Well the best NEVER happened and I felt like it actually got worse!! I was trying my best to keep at least a 9:30 pace but was struggling the entire time. I took a couple of short walk breaks and it still hurt while walking so I decided to cut it short and ended up with 4.38mi since I knew we was long running the next day I was worried! I stressed all night about it thinking I was going to have to skip out and I just didn't really know what to do?

I mean seriously what is NOT brutal about running 20miles? Especially thinking I would be walking most of it due to my stupid leg! And what do ya know I wake up with an angry stomach~ thanks stress! And then there was the wonderful weather..... a lovely 35 degrees with no sun and wind of about 18mph~GREAT!!! We decided once again to do part of it in town and the most of it on the country road (Bluegrass Pike for any locals) I like doing the town thing because I can keep up pretty good during that:) and for some strange reason my leg wasn't hurting every now and then I could feel it but not enough to call it painful. For some reason I don't take a GU when we do the town part so my first one was at 10.5mi and I was ready for it! At this point I was still able to keep up pretty well also but I also knew from that point for about the next 2.5mi was nothing but hills up and down and up with no down, so I was a little nervous but once again I was okay. Next GU at mile 13.5 and by this point my feet are killing me~ oh and have I mentioned that I constantly keep getting huge blisters on my big toes? WHY?? I told Sheri "I don't like for anyone to touch my feet but right now I think I want someone to rub my feet for me!" but I kept on going and started slowing down a bit. Mile 15 I was ready to just give up and wait for Sheri to finish and come back and get me but then I talked to myself about how there was ONLY 5mi left and about how proud of myself I am going to be and I was ready to keep on going again. Last GU stop at 16.5 and I was just ready for it to be over! We made one last pit stop at mile 19 as Sheri's toe was cramping, I was thankful though I was needing to stretch out myself also! The greatest part of the whole 20mi for me was mile 20, I was able to stay within 20 - 30 seconds of Sheri the entire time! And the fact that I kept a 10:05 pace for 20miles~HOORAY!!

Hope everyone has had a GREAT week of training, just running or whatever you may be doing now!
THANK YOU for following my journey!!
Happy RUnning!!!


Caroline said...

good job on your 20 miles!! wow that is something to be proud of!

Staci said...

20 miles is a great achievement. The power of self-talk is incredible, hope you were very proud of yourself!

Michelle said...

Great job getting through your 20 miler! Big accomplishment!!

Bruce said...

I thought your 20 mile pace was great! Good job!

Twila said...

20 miles survived! Sounds like a good run.