Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wk #14 Marathon Training- Another weak Week

For whatever reason this is becoming a habit of mine. The schedule called for 5, 8, 5 and 22, my week well it went like this:

Thursday- 7mi/1:05:20
Saturday- 2.6mi/22:03
Sunday- 14mi/2:33:43

Not so great things happened this week. Sheri texted me Monday morning telling me she didn't feel good, later that evening I texted her to see if she was any better but she wasn't. Tuesday morning I was leaving for work unplugged my cell phone and it showed I received a blank message from Sheri around 1am? It puzzled me but I just thought she hit it by mistake(which it was) so I was going to send a message after I got to work to check on her again, however when I got ready to send her one I already had one from her. She was in the hospital! Thankfully she is doing better now but read all about her experience HERE! So Tuesday I did the MORE important thing and went to the hospital to be with Sheri instead of running! I was going to go Wednesday and talked myself right out of it due to the extremely high winds we had. My girls were on Spring Break so I decided to take off Thursday and Friday so I knew I would get out there at least one of those days. Thursday morning I took my oldest daughter to get her permit:) and off to run after that. The wonderful weather is finally in the process of changing over to Spring and I ended up being way over dressed~ holy cow I was hot! I did have a great 7mi run! I had thought about doing 8mi but my garmin kept flashing low battery so I decided to go ahead and quit at 7. Friday I thought about running but decided I would wait until Saturday and go run the race that was going to be at the park. The race was suppose to be a 5k but the leader took a wrong turn somewhere and it only ended up being 2.6mi. I wasn't really expecting much, I now have a new pain going on in my left hip it doesn't hurt while running but for every other moment it hurts. So I just thought I will run it the best I can and what do ya know I was doing great, as always I started out way fast like around 7:55pace for a good .25mi then I slowed down a little to get to a more comfortable pace for me and I ended up hanging in at 8:35:) Instead of just running a simple lap around the park on the trail they made several turns through the center of the ball fields like around the bleachers, there was about five 90degree turns~uggh! This race was held by the college in our town it was for cancer victims and such and what do I do? I show up in a shirt with a skull head!!! How nice of me :/ I really wish this would have been a whole 5k since I was doing great, if I could have kept my pace up I would have finished in 26 something and that is awesome for me at the park!!! They only gave awards for the top 3 males/females overall for college students and community people, I was THRILLED and SURPRISED to get 2nd in community and the award was a bag of homemade cookies~ yum!!
  I knew that Sheri still wasn't able to run and I needed to do some type of a long run, I hate to go by myself and my other friend Kelli posted on facebook that she needed a running buddy, Yea for me, I hit her up and asked if she would be interested in doing at least 10mi and maybe if she felt like it we could do a few more. She isn't currently training for anything so she hasn't been doing long runs but she runs daily at least around 5mi or so. I dropped water at the 5mi point since I knew it was going to be a HOT day even at 8am, we stopped drank some water then I asked "So what do ya think, do you want to head back or go a couple more miles?" We decided we would go another 1.5mi to make a total of 13mi but we ended up going to 7mi for a total of 14mi:) That next 1.5mi is the worst part of that run in my opinion, lots of big hills. Kelli did great but around 8.5mi she was ready to start walking some and I was NOT going to leave her since I asked her to go and I walked with her. We kind of run/walked for a few miles then for the last 1.5mi we walked completely, I DIDN'T mind however it was a nice break and Kelli reached a new distance that she hasn't tackled before! Thanks for going Kelli!!

Only 3 short weeks until the BIG DAY! Starting to think more and more about it and trying my best NOT to be nervous going into it~ I THINK I CAN!!  I THINK I CAN!!   I HOPE I CAN!!! 


Penny said...

It wasnt a good week that's ok. We all have them. This week will be better. You need to change that I THINK I CAN, TO I KNOW I CAN AND I WILL. Put only positive thoughts from here on out. I CAN DO THIS AND WILL. You are going to do great.

I'm the mom said...

You can do it!! You can do it!! You will do it!! You will be even more awesome for DOING IT!!!

Jen said...

Good luck on your upcoming marathon! Sorry about your friend! I hope she's o.k. It sure is easier to run with a buddy! Especially those long ones!

Karen said...

Glad Sheri is ok!
Awesome job on the race! I love that the prize was a bag of cookies! LOL