Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wk #15 Marathon Training- Schedule? Who needs one of them..........

When this training began way back when (14 weeks ago) I was determined that I WAS going to complete EVERY SINGLE run on that schedule...........Now I feel like it has become a game or something to see how many runs I can miss ~ugghh! Not really sure what was on the schedule for this week but here is how my week went:

Wednesday- 7mi/1:05:03
Thursday- 5mi/46:03
Sunday- 10mi/1:38:43

Monday and Tuesday not sure why I didn't attempt to run well except Tuesday it was raining. Wednesday was great! I felt great, ready to go out there and pound that pavement:) I went out and did 5mi alone then went back to the gym to see if hopefully the hubs would want to go to the park for a couple more~ Yay he did! I did the first 5 a little fast so I took it easy the last 2. I had thought about using Thursday's 5mi as some speed work, I was going to try my best to keep at least a 9min pace or better. It was a little warm that day but I did pretty good for 2.5 mi. Then I ran into Sheri (HOORAY!!!) I was SO HAPPY to see her, this was her first day out running and I was THRILLED I got to run with her (BFF LOVE!!) We finished the other 2.5mi not slow but not fast, I was ready to slow it back down to a more normal pace for me! Saturday was suppose to be a 5k race but it was cancelled due to the monsoon of rain we have been and are receiving, it was a cross country course and they said there was puddles of water on the course~ thank you for cancelling I so didn't want to twist an ankle or anything. So instead we went marathon outfit shopping, nothing special but the outfit has been purchased:) Sunday we planned on doing 15mi but Sheri had a birthday party to go to so we was going to just do 12mi. We started out slow and picked up the pace as we went along. For some strange reason I felt nervous when I got up thinking about the 15mi, I felt somewhat better when Sheri told me she only had time for 12mi but I was still feeling nervous. We stopped for GU and water at mile 5 and I just had to confess- I just wasn't feeling it today, I felt like I was going to vomit at any second, my legs felt like bricks and my mind just simply said I DO NOT want to run. Since Sheri was short on time she was okay with it also so we just headed on back and only did 10mi. Sorry Sheri!

The original schedule called for week 15, 16 and 17 as taper weeks but with Sheri getting ill and life in general we have changed it up a bit and we are going to do our last long run next weekend one week before the MARATHON!!! Personally I like this idea better. I was very nervous thinking about the taper weeks, I was afraid my legs would forget how to run 20+ miles  so I am HAPPY that we will be doing 22mi next week just one week before the big day:)

What do you think, is it an okay idea to have a long run (of 22mi) one week before your first EVER Marathon?

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Penny said...

I do know people that do that and they do fine. But they also run a lot of marathons. I was scared to that I would forget how it felt to run 20 miles. You dont forget. I felt my leg really needed the rest. I felt great till I hit mile 22. Than it got all mental for me. I had a running partner to. I dont know what I would of done with out her. We were able to push each other to keep going. Are you running with Sheri. It is so neat to accomplish this with someone else. Good Luck on your Marathon.. You girls are going to do great.

abbi said...

Good luck with the plan, I understand how you feel.

Caroline said...

dont know about marathon training...but in my HALF plan the longest run is one week before the race with 12 miles

Karen said...

My longest run was about 3 weeks before the Marathon. It wasn't bad at all - during the race, you are running on a lot of adrenaline...I did get a little anxious the week before the race b/c it had been a few weeks since my long run, but the race went fine! :0) Good luck!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

I think it would be very hard to run 22 miles the week before the marathon, then have a good race. But I've only ever run one marathon, and I followed a normal taper plan. Good luck whatever you decide!