Friday, April 29, 2011

Wk's #16 & #17-Last Long Run that Didn't Happen and T Minus 48hrs......

Well things in my personal life aren't much better. I feel like my mind is swimming in a pool of every emotion possible which is disturbing the way my body feels:(  Starting yesterday one of my toes feels like I have jammed it, my back/hip is killing me and my head just aches non-stop! Factor in trying to feel positive and trying to have the feelings of "Yes I CAN DO THIS MARATHON" hasn't been easy.  But anyway.........

Week 16
Tuesday- 5mi/45:52
Thursday- 7mi/1:03:23
Saturday- 8mi/1:19:43

Tuesday was the first really hot and humid day we have had this year. Thankfully there was a nice breeze blowing which made it bearable to run! About 2mi into the run the heat started getting me. Thursday was a great run, I had my mind on a million things so I just went out and ran! Sheri saw me around 3.25mi and yelled and yelled my name  until I finally realized it, I was THANKFUL I did see her:) Saturday we had planned on doing our last long run of 22mi however the weather was not cooperating and we only put in 8mi. The first half was super then all of a sudden my leg started hurting and I felt like I just couldn't breathe, I was kind of glad we had to cut it short!

Week 17
Tuesday- 3mi/28:35 + 1mi walked

Yep that's it but you are suppose to take is easy the week of the marathon right?  I decided to do the entire 3mi at our local park due to it having some decent hills, I have heard the Flying Pig has it fair share of hills! I took my time and didn't push hard at all just 'RAN'!

The BIG DAY is ONLY 48hrs away..............I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN!!!!!


Tricia said...

YES! you can!

Sheridan Lee said...

Of course we can!

I'm the mom said...

I know you can and will!!

LauraElaine said...

Good luck! You're gonna do great!! :)