Friday, May 27, 2011

Haggin Hospital 5k @ Shaker Village & Terrible Back Pain

Once again this week I have been hit with TERRIBLE TERRIBLE back pain! I woke up 3am Monday morning with pain in my upper back and felt like I couldn't breathe. It really bothered me because usually when I have back pain it is in my lower back so I was scared it was something else so I went to my medical doctor. She said that my muscles on the left side of my back was having spasms gave me some muscle relaxers and strong ibuprofen, I think that  I took about 5 muscle relaxers(not all at the same time of course!)  and still no relief! Tuesday was the same, Wednesday I tried to go to work but sitting in my chair hurt so I left at lunch and finally Thursday I went to the chiropractor before going into work even though I was still in pain. Today (Friday) I am starting to feel better, like 75% and that's a HUGE improvement. The hubs will be pleased also since I have been keeping him up at night moaning and groaning and crying!

Back to the race recap-
         This race is memorable to me in two ways..... 1 This was my first race in the rain last year and ever! Not only did it rain, it was monsoon rain with wind, thunder and lighting!! 2 This is also the race the me and my running buddy (I consider best friend too not just running friend:) started talking and hanging out with each other! From that day on last year one of the best friendships have developed not only between us but also our husbands and families.

Now on to this year..........................May 14, 2011
  OF COURSE it HAD to rain! At least it wasn't monsoon type rain it was just rain. I choose to keep my long sleeve shirt on because of the rain and although I did get a little warm and I am glad that I did. This course is tuff the first half is on pavement and the second half is on a gravel path and it is full of hills!!! Through out marathon training I have really been trying to pay attention and 'learn' how to run, things like pacing myself and such. But I always do it and get caught up in the fast take off at races, I really tried not to at this race due to it raining and the pavement being wet, I didn't want to fall. Wasn't too successful at that though my first mile was a 7 something but it was mostly downhill! I slowed my pace way down to where I felt more comfortable at until the last mile came along, it is all uphill and mostly on a gravel path! This of course ended up being my slowest, I was out of steam and walked about 5 steps to catch my breath! Once I got off the gravel and back on the pavement I knew it was just around the corner to finish. This is something else I have been trying to focus on, saving just a little energy to have a nice strong finish. Too my surprise I was the 2nd overall female:) !!! Even if there was only 44 people I was thrilled!!  Even better was the fact that last year my time was 31:17 this year.............27:20!!! What an improvement!!

I think this pic is really cool! Great motion shot-Thanks Mom! :)

Me with all my winnings

Me and Sheri- Love ya girl:)


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great job with the time improvement! I had some upper back pain like that recently. I went to a chiropractor he said I had a rib out of joint. He pushed (not very hard at all) and it was back in. The spasms of course took longer to go away, but after it happened a second time I figured out I could no longer to 400 burpee workouts. :(

Michelle said...

Wow that is a big improvement - nice job! That back pain sounds terrible - hope you get some relief soon!