Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Shopping Experience & PlanetGear.com

Last night I told the hubs to get together we are going to Kohl's, I had $20 in Kohl's cash and a 30% coupon, he needs shorts so I told him come on let's go! I am a passenger almost always, I like it that way! So as I am day dreaming out the window I heard a noise and asked "What the heck was that?" He said it was a plastic bottle that blew from across the road and hit the tire, Ohhhh okay. We get to the intersection of Kohl's (in Nicholasville for anyone local reading:) there was a break in the traffic and I said "GO!!" the hubs pushed the pedal to go and OMG :/ it sounded like the engine fell out of my car and we was stuck! Not just on any old road but a VERY BUSY road! We ran over to Starbucks to use the phone book for a tow truck, waited for the tow truck, called my mom to come and get us and off to Kohl's we walked!! He did get some good deals two pair of shorts and a pair of  Nike running shoes and only owed $67!!! SWEET :) I told the cashier our sob story and asked if we qualified for the next Kohl's commercial?!?!?!  She just laughed !

Although we did get some good bargains, maybe a safer or easier way is to just shop at PlanetGear.comPlanetGear.com is a pretty cool site that has different sales every week on great outdoor products. This weeks special is on KSWISS.
Super cute and for ONLY $19.95

Adorable! A steel at $17.95

The Outfit above could be all yours if you go to PlanetGear.com now!! PlanetGear.com also has KSWISS shoes for $74.95~ another bargain!! They have different sales every week and they  usually start on Tuesdays! All sales have limited quantities so don't delay go to PlanetGear.com now!!!

I have NOT been paid by PlanetGear.com although I do hope to do a review/giveaway with them soon!!


misszippy said...

I've never been to PlanetGear, but now you give me some incentive to check it out!

Darlene said...

Thanks for the tip.