Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smokin' @ the Jennie Carol Memorial 5k

Please forgive me, I am several race reports behind so here goes catch up time.

May 7, 2011 Jennie Carol Memorial 5k
     This is a larger race for our local area, it is in memory of Jennie Carol Tarter who was a runner and died unexpectedly (I did not know her) and the proceeds goes to the Backpack for Kids foundation. There was 479 finishers our local races usually have around 50 - 85!  This also happened to be the first race after my marathon (one week after) and the first race of the Wilderness Trace Run/Walk Serres that I participate in.
     I was a little nervous about it and told Sheri after we took off I would like to start off a little slower and build up some speed. She told me I better slow down then because like always I was getting caught up in the fast take off. But for whatever reason I just keep on going, I did slow down some but I was still movin' on! And I felt good, not tired, worn out but fresh and ready! I forget what my first mile was but the second was around 15:56 and I thought to myself maybe just maybe I can finish with a 25 something and a new PR?? I also knew there was one hill left so I tried to save some energy for it as well. The race ends at Centre College's track, they had their time clock going on the scoreboard, when I entered the track and saw the time clock it said around 24:35 all I could think is GO GO GO!!! There was a girl in front of me that i had been gaining on the entire race and in the last turn of the track I zoomed right past her! (Sorry but I really wanted to do that:) I hit stop on my watch, took a second to catch my breath and looked down to see my finish time ~ HOLY COW!!  25:31!!! For me that is flat out smokin'!! And a new PR!!! AWESOME even if I didn't get an award!
     Overall I was 82/479, so I was even in the top 100. Now if I can just keep this up all summer long maybe just maybe I can break through with a 24 something???..................

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Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

WOW! That IS smoking! Way to go girl!

Twila said...

Nice job! You are getting quite speedy

Jamie said...

Great job on the 5K!