Friday, June 24, 2011

I NEED a Routine!! Wanna tell me yours?

For the last month or longer I have been trying so hard to get on some kind of regular "fitness" schedule.  Just about every single day I have told myself tomorrow will be the day I start, start something.
 Well guess what??? Tomorrow STILL hasn't come ~ bet that one shocked ya!
The only true routine I have is a 5k race just about every Saturday. I am not training for anything right now so I have the mentality of who cares if I go run.
 How do you change that? Set a goal!
 So my friends that is what I am doing! I have already signed up for a half marathon this fall and was considering doing another three weeks later, now I have decided yes I am doing both and I am going to train my best to get a new half PR preferably with a 1 at the beginning of it instead of a 2 :) I have trained for and ran 3 half marathons and one full marathon so I know how to do the running training,

BUT I also want to do some weight training and this is where I need HELP!!!
I am wanting to work on my arms and abs and looking for some great workouts. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to any kind of weight training. My husband  loves weights and I could ask him for some suggestions but who really wants to listen to their husband? (LOL ~ Joking Dear I Love Ya!!) So if any of you wonderful bloggers have a routine PLEASE share it with me!!!

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Crystal said...

i'm looking for something too. i have been looking into p90x and jilliams shred it with weights but haven't started or purchased anything yet. which half's are you doing??

Twila said...

I just bought Shred with Weights (Jillian Michaels) and love it. It uses a kettle bell so it is cardio too and only takes about 25 minutes. I do it after short runs during the week. It is the only DVD that I have found that I am willing to do more than once. I have been using it for about a month and can see a little difference in my arms and some in stomach. But I feel stronger when I do it.

Good luck!

Mom's Home Run said...

You have to make sure you get stuck in your routine. That's what I did: I ran on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, until it feels like something is wrong if I don't go out for my run.