Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oops I Forgot SORRY!- Some Race Recaps and a Gel-Bot WINNER

Oops, this was my 5 things Friday post that I wrote on Friday and for whatever reason I forgot to post it ~ Sorry!! What the heck was I thinking, who knows!! Anyway here goes:

I am really liking these list things, in trying to get caught up in blogging they are very helpful. And I am stealing these simple little race recaps to catch up from  my bestest buddy Sheri ~ Thanks girl hope you don't mind :)

1. Pregnancy Resource Center 5k- May 28-This was held at the lovely Millinium Park in Danville, Ky. Not my favorite course but anyway...The weather was perfect not too hot not too cool. I felt good and ready to race! Sheri and I pretty much stayed together until right at the end, at the end there was this younger girl we was approaching that was running in the center of the pathway. I started to pass her as we was going into a curve and what did she do? She curved right along with the path and basically pushed me into the grass! (The same thing happend to Sheri) So I backed off a little thinking I would pass her in the next curve, but NO it was the same thing again almost in the grass, I just backed off completly and let her go on, Sheri did pass her IN THE GRASS!!! I don't mean to sound pushy or better than anyone else but come on PLEASE!!! The age groups for this one went by 10's which for me is not always the easiest to place in but Sheri, Katrina and I dominated it:) Sheri was 1st, I was 2nd (25:52 only 30seconds away from my PR) and Katrina 3rd ~ Great Job Ladies!!!

2. Beef Festival Stampede 5k- June 4- This one is in Harrodsburg, Ky just a block down from my office. I sorta like this course, its an in and out with the in being slightly uphill which leads to the out being downhill! This year they changed it up a bit but I still enjoyed it. This is also the race that I fell at last year, so when I got there I was asked that a million times "Are you gonna fall this year?" Luckily I didn't but I did have it on my mind the entire time!! No age group awards at this one only top 3 overall needless to say wasn't me but I was still pleased with my time 25:52 ~ huh same as the week before!

3. Run for the Brass 5k- June 11- Once again at Millinium Park. This race usually has a larger crowd than some of the others since it is held for a local Brass Band Festival held in town, it draws in lots of out of towners.  The weather looked a little questionable with dark skies but thankfully the rain held off.. This time around Sheri was 2nd and I was 3rd with a 26 flat, first time I have ever got a flat time!

4. RJ Corman 5k- June 25- Wilmore, Ky Another course that isn't my favorite and this race is not part of the local "Serres" that my crew and I participate in but it is a local race that I have done and I got to (well really WANT to) do a race every weekend possible! Usually it is SUPER hot for this one but once again the weather was perfect. This year was the first year that I didn't walk a SINGLE step, maybe it was the perfect weather or maybe just maybe I have finally learned how to pace myself. I ended up cutting 3mins from my time last year which I was super excited about and I got first in my age group, none of my crew came along it was only me! The best part about this year this year, they made homemade banana ice cream after ~ YUMMY!!!

5. And finally the Gel-Bot WINNER is...........Stacie from Impossible is Nothing. Stacie send me an email with your mailing address so I can get your bottle on its way!

Thank you for following my Journey!


Running Librarian said...

congrats Stacie!

Stacie said...

Woohooo!!!! Thanks for the great giveaway. I've wanted one of these forever.