Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8/15 - 8/21 Hitch Runners

And it went like this:

Tuesday- 4mi 36:30
Wednesday - 5.5 mi 51:52
Saturday - 7 mi 1:06:15

Not the best effort this week on distance but the runs I had were good ones! On Wednesday I think the Hubz was feeling sorry for me because I didn't have anyone to run with so he agreed to go to the park, his words were "I will go to the park but I am not running in town and all that crap!" And I told him if he was just doing one lap around the park it wasn't worth my time, he said he would wait while I did the second lap if he didn't feel like it. Okay that works! Well lucky for me, some how I timed it (and not on purpose wouldn't even know how to) just PERFECT because when we reached the front of the park we 'ran' into Sheri and her Hubz running for boot camp and we decided to join them!! That made my 4 mi run into a 5.5 mile run and it involved a big hill - Great workout :) It was kind of funny though all of the boot camp people were looking at us like where did they come from. A couple of them we know and my Hubz works with one, I told him we was 'hitch runners' instead of 'hitch hikers'.
There wasn't any race this weekend - wow that is surprising I honestly would have to really think of the last Saturday that I didn't run a race. So we decided to go ahead and do our long run so we could sleep in on Sunday :) Another friend that is on our Bourbon Chase team ran with us also. We decided to head on back to where we always train, the lovely Bluegrass Pike nice and gently rolling hills, gotta LOVE Kentucky. When I woke up a little late I thought this is not going to be a very good run for me I can already feel it, but I tried to stay positive and see what happens. I was very pleased with my 9:27 pace!

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Happy RUnning!!

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