Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello August - July where did you go.....

WOW, I can not believe it is August already! This entire year has flown right by but geez it sure seems like July really went by fast! August is my favorite month, of course that is due to it being my birthday month:) When I was younger I used to think no one had a birthday in August but boy was I wrong. Lots of famous people have birthdays in August, just to name a few : Martha Stewart, Martin Sheen, President Obama, Billy Bob Thorton, Neil Armstrong, "Magic" Johnson, Madonna, the list goes on and on! Check out FamousBirthdays.com to see who shares a Birthday with you!!  My youngest daughter, my best friends son and my father also have August birthdays. For me this year not only will I be one year older I also move up in age groups :) and to be honest it doesn't even bother me! After next Tuesday I will officially be in the 35 - 39 age group. Not sure right now if that is good or bad but I will soon find out.

I say lets ALL celebrate all month long, how about you? Anyone else have a birthday in August? Be sure to let me know so I can give you a shout out on your day! Be on the look out for some giveaways this month.

So where did July go? Flying right on by like all the other months this year I guess. I had really hoped that July would be my come back to running month but that was a failure for me. I did however make a great start to a regular schedule the last two weeks of July so at least I made an effort! And I am off to a wonderful start for August since it is now time to begin training for fall half marathons ~ HOORAY!!!

What are YOU currently training for???


misszippy said...

Happy birthday all month long! I agree, the summer has flown. And i do know lots of Aug. birthday folks too. Something to do with long cold winters? ; )

Crystal said...

jeremy's birthday is the 15th!

mine is in october and i have celebrated my birth day, week and month since college! :)

Caroline said...

January for me and I used to hate it when I was younger now I dont care :)

happy montly birthday!!!
my dad's bday is in August.

I am training for my 3rd Half..Disneyland in a month!!!

I am OK with July being over...school starts Monday here and I am not SAD!!!!

Penny said...

July always seem to go fast. What day in August is you Birthday. Mine is August 8th. I remember always being the youngest one in my class. I thought I was never going to turn 18. That is when the legal age for drink was 18. Does that tell you how old I am?

Sporty Girl Jewelry said...

Happy Birthday! I am also looking to a fall 1/2 - and ready to say goodbye heat and hello fall running weather.