Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week in Review 8/1 - 8/7

Monday- 4mi 38:12
Tuesday- 4mi 37:10
Saturday- 3.15 27:20 (5k race)

Yep that's it and this was suppose to be my first week of training for fall half marathons??? Not off to a great start but I am getting there. Life events got in the way this week but sometimes there are other things that are more important than running! Our daughters birthday on Thursday and a death on Friday left no time for running on those days and Sunday I was just plain lazy after two very LONG days in a row :)

I (we, being Sheri and I) have a new running buddy that has been running some week night runs, which is super awesome, the more the merrier! Monday night it was just me, Shalan and the Hubz, the Hubz hasn't been running hardly at all and it sure showed this night as we left him in the dust ~ ha ha just joking honey! Tuesday night there was a group of 4 running the same route as Monday night but a minute faster :) Yay us!!

Saturday I ran the last 5k in the 30 - 34 age group, still not sure how I will hold up in the 35 - 39 but we shall see. It was the Mid Summer Night 5k in Lexington, Ky. This is ALWAYS a crowed, humid race where people NEVER line up right. This was the third year the Hubz and I have ran this race and appartenly they reverse the route every other year, so we had to change direction and walk down to the starting area that was already SUPER crowded. We saw a sign telling walkers to line up behind the sign so we kept on walking what I thought was a long way and we saw an opening so we jumped in. There was still about 5mins or more until the start of the race so I was looking around trying to see if I could see anyone I knew and sizing up the crowd, the more and more I looked around I told Hubz " I think we have made a mistake, I feel like we should be ahead of at least 1/3 of the people around us;" he agreed but it was too late to try and move up any more. The gun went off to start and there we stood, NO MOVING up AT ALL waiting and waiting ~ Oh wait here we go well no maybe not! It took 2 1/2 mins to get through the starting line and then it was at least  3/4 mile of weaving in and out, trying not to step on others heels, dodging the young fellow that just fell face first on the road, several people stopping right in front of me and listening to Hubz saying "slow down, quit weaving you are going to wear yourself out!" I shouted back "Follow the lady in the orange she is doing a good job!" Around the first sharp curve everyone was on the sidewalk and I was almost the ONLY FOOL still on the road, as I was looking around realizing this I twisted my ankle/knee in a small pot hole ~UGGHH! Then there was the foolish boy on the skate board riding in and out of the crowd, as I was coming to another sharp curve he got right in front of me slowing himself down so he was able to take the curve on his skateboard! I yelled out " GOOOOSSHH  GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!"  The greatest thing with this race is the Hubz and I was pretty much right beside each other the entire time, I LOVED it for that fact alone :) At 2.36 mile I told Hubz "go ahead Baby my knee is killing me I need to get to the side for a moment" (get to the side like a poliet runner out of the way not right in front of someone!!) but the sweet and awesome Hubz he is stopped with me to make sure I was ok and encouraged me to COME ON!! From that point on he had a slight lead on me but it was just what I needed to keep on going~ Thanks Hubz. He finished in 27:06 and I was 27:15 a minute less than last year.

Sunday was suppose to be a longer run day of at least 6mi but I woke up to thunder and lightening so I text Sheri and went back to bed! Oh well maybe this week I can get it all together !!

Happy Birthday to ME today!!! (August 9th)


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penny said...


Hope you have a great Birthday.

Crystal said...

happy birthday! i hate that race! i did it two years ago and most likely will NEVER do it again. it's just too hot and humid and crowded!!! i'll pass!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!