Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week in Review 8/8 - 8/14- A 5k in my new age group or NOT???


Here's how my week went:
Monday- 3mi 28:22
Pretty cool we show up in the same colors and
the same headband without planning it!!
Wednesday- 3.05mi 27:12                                           
Saturday- 3.10(5k race) 25:19 *NEW PR*
Sunday- 6mi 56:27

On Monday and Wednesday Sheri and I decided to put in a couple of practice runs on the course for the 5k. It is a fast course and its where I got my PR for last year, I love this course! Wednesday our husbands ran with us, always nice to share some quality time with spouse and friends while running :) Sheri's husband has just recently started running (again I think he used to in the past) and on this night he finished in way under 30 minutes~ HOORAY MIAH!!!! :)

Saturday was suppose to be my first race in my new age group (35 - 39), this made me nervous. With such a fast course I really wanted to do great but at the same time I am not used to looking for and watching the times for the new age group which meant they could be really really fast.

Shalan #72, Me #44 and Sheri #36

The beginning is a little zig zaggy, it goes around a small curve a little straight stretch then a 90 degree right turn into a straight which leads you into the main route. When we hit the straight Sheri being awesome like she is yelled out "7:30, 7:30" and I knew yep lady you better slow yourself down a tad or  you are going to wear down, Thank You Sheri :) My plan was to stay with Sheri, she does a great job at starting out right and picking it up when needed, a wonderful pacer! There is only one little hill in which I took it a little easy on which gave Sheri a lead that I used to keep me going. At the end you have to make a lap around a track, there was one man in between us and I decided I was NOT going to let him finish in the middle of us! So I waited for just the right time and gave it all I had and chicked him!! Then I saw the time clock and said out loud "Heck ya!" I just got a new 5k PR of 25:19!!!!!!(previous 25:31) Then it came time for awards and it was announced that the age groups were off by a year, I couldn't really hear everything that was said but then people we knew started getting awards in groups that was shocking and we was confused! My age group ended up being 31 - 35 which basically put me with the same people I have been with minus Sheri (she's 30). I took 2nd and was Happy with it! (even though I would have had 1st if it was normal age groups!)

Sunday morning we FINALLY was able to get up and do a longer run of 6 miles. We have decided to start doing long runs on the upcoming 15k course, it is very gently rolling. I was really surprised but I was able to keep up pretty well and hold a 9:25 ish pace the entire time.

It feels so wonderful to get back into a running routine! I hope I can keep these Happy Runner feelings I have had the last couple of weeks!


Cynthia O'H said...

Sounds like a great week of running. Congrats on your 2nd AG.
My running friend and I almost always end up in the same gear/colours without even trying. Great minds think alike and run alike.

kimert said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!! Congrats!!!

Crystal said...

we went and did a practice run on the course tuesday night! guess we were thinking the same thing!

congrats on your PR!!

Running Moose said...

Congrats on the PR AND on the 2nd in your AG! And I guess it kinda was a new age group, too- or at least different. That happened to me at a 5k in June that I set my PR at. I would have won the 40-44 AG, but ended up 2nd because the AG was 36-40 (nice medal, but missed the $20 GC to a local brew pub...).