Tuesday, September 13, 2011

15k, a Lesson Learned and a Razzy Roo Winner

Saturday, September 10 I completed the Run for the Pets 15k in Burgin, KY this is another race in the local "Serres". They also do a 5k but being the hard core runner (ha ha ha yeah right :) that I am I do the 15k. As usual this is an extremely hilly route, the worst part is from mile 3 - 4.5 I do believe it is uphill the entire way that gets steeper and steeper. Last year Sheri and I ran the course several times to prepare for it and when race day came I had terrible stomach issues and did horrible and walked lots, this year we have only practiced on the course a few times and I made sure NOT eat Mexican food the night before :) The week leading up to race day was nothing but rain rain rain all week and I was too wimpy to run in the rain so I only ran once during the week (which is why I haven't done a week in review post for the last two weeks!) so I had pretty fresh legs.  Race morning weather was about perfect but it heated up quickly. I had already planned on starting very slow and work my way faster, I just really didn't want to walk any. To my surprise I was able to run  the entire first half and was able to stay right by Sheri's side (she is way better than me at long distances and well overall she is a much better runner than I am). After the turn around is when I started slowing down, I made sure that I kept Sheri in my sights and even had to take a couple of quick short walk breaks, I kept the walking to 30seconds or less.  I finally caught back up to Sheri and she was walking and not looking happy, I asked her if she was okay and her legs were bothering her, I happily walked a little way with her and we stayed together through the end of the race. At the very end there is a monster hill to go up (it is just wrong, wrong wrong to make us finish a 15k on that crazy hill!) I told Sheri I was probably going to have to walk up that crazy thing but once again I was surprised and paced myself very slow up it. My main goal for this race was to beat my time from last year:
                                      2010- 1:33:18
                                     2011- 1:27:32
HOORAY!!! I beat 2010 time for sure but I wasn't able to keep the pace I wanted and need to finish a half in 2hrs or less. I still have time to work on that though!

After the race and breakfast (race morning tradition gotta eat something :) my oldest daughter and I got in the car and drove 6 hours to go see my grandma. I wore my compression socks for recovery. We had to turn around and come back home the next morning early, 6more hours in the car. On the way home we decided to stop at the outlet mall, when I got out of the car my upper legs were so stinking sore I could hardly walk! The lesson I learned is it is not wise to run 9 miles and then sit in the car for 12hours!! Holy Cow !!


Penny from Pink Hat Runner

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