Thursday, September 1, 2011

8/22 - 8/28 Sore Legs = Crazy Dreams?

Its kinda late in the week to be posting about last week but anyway.....

Tuesday - 4mi/36:45
Thursday- 3mi/28:02
Saturday- 5k/26:25
Sunday- 8mi/ 1:06:42

My goodness will I ever get on a regular schedule? No probably not so I might as well accept it and quit trying! Sometimes things come together better if you don't try so hard but we shall see...

Sheri and I both really REALLY want to get this fall half in under 2hrs even if its 1:59:59. We have been trying to keep our runs close to that pace, the upcoming 15k will be a test to see how possible it is! Tuesday's night run was hot and humid although it hasn't been as hot it is still pretty warm even at 8pm. I felt pretty good this night. I had all intentions of going out Wednesday but quickly talked myself right out of it since I was going to be solo. That meant I HAD to go Thursday night which I thought was going to be solo again but Sheri text me so I was HAPPY about that! Her legs were a little tight from boot camp exercises and I wasn't really feeling into to it, Sheri said she was sorry but she was probably going to be slow and for me to go ahead if needed. I told her no problem I was into an easy run tonight, however I don't really think we took it as easy as we thought we would! We mixed our usual route up a bit for a change of scenery and ended up going up a long hill and still kept a 9:10 pace :)

I was also going to run Friday morning as I had taken off work to take my girls to the Ky State Fair in the afternoon, but I was running a 5k Saturday morning and knew we would be doing A LOT of walking at the fair so I decided to save my legs. We ended up not getting home from the fair until 1am and I had to get up and leave by 6am to make it to the race on time~ uggh I was SUPER tired and almost didn't go but I had already registered so I had to go. This was a new race for me I had no idea of the area or anything. Driving in mom and I saw the markings for the course, I could tell it was a gradual uphill coming out which means slight downhill going back SWEET but then I saw it......the MONSTER HILL! My mind instantly said "Holy Crap! It is totally ok if you walk up this hill today you are running off 4hrs sleep!" And that is exactly what I did. This was probably one of the only times I paced myself good and didn't take off like a bandit which helped me keep an even pace until I reached that terrible hill coming back, going out it was pretty steep but coming back I believe it was twice as steep! I was thrilled to finish in 26:25 because I felt like it was going to be a 30min run! I went straight home and took a nap, my body was so tired for such little sleep I felt like I had just ran a marathon. It took me no time to fall asleep and the dreams started rolling, I hardly ever dream that I remember anyway, but on this day they was jumping from one thing to the next. One moment I was somewhere running, the next I was eating some kind of crazy food to being somewhere crazy....Amazing how your mind works when you are super tired!
Sunday morning I got up early once again to meet Shalan to head out for 8mi. I was still super tired and just told myself its okay you aren't in a race today just pace yourself slow. Well the first half of the run was around a 9:09 pace. Then we set off to finish the rest of the run...we ran in town and I almost stomped on a bird that was on the sidewalk ~OMG!!! Why didn't the crazy thing move? It just sat there and hopped to the grass after it almost lost its life! I was losing steam and fast and was so ready to be done trying hard to not start walking, so I ask Shalan if she cared if we cut it off at 7mi instead of 8. Thankfully for me she didn't mind either as she had ran up a mountain a couple of days earlier! I think we ended up with around a 9:31 pace overall which I was very pleased with!!

Hope everyone had a good week last week! Happy RUnning!!


Elle said...

I can't seem to find your post where you announced the winner of your RR headband giveaway...

Glad you had a great week!

Penny said...

Way to go on your runs. Good Job running even though you have been so tired. You girl are rocking them 9's. Keep it up.