Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/12- 9/18 Mind over Matter

Tuesday- 4mi/36:21
Thursday- 3mi/26:25
Sunday- 3.05 (5k race)* see time below :)

So once again like usual I was a slacker last week. I keep giving myself little pep talks and think I have myself convienced to get it in gear. I have decided starting October I am going to join the hubs and go back to the gym. He is always there for at least an hour and a half 3 - 4 times a week, that gives me time to run outside and spend around 30 mins working on my arms/abs with weights. Wish me Luck I can stick to that!!

On Thursday night we decided to run the 5k route that was coming up. For some reason I never run at race pace during weekly runs or just because, but on this night I decided I was going to give it all I had. I have been telling the girls (my running buddies :) that this was the race we was going to kick my hubs butt! He always beats me and never runs like I do and dang it not this time. He went with us on the practice run and I kept a lead of at least 30 seconds or more at all times, every time I started feeling weak and wanting to walk I would tell myself "Its just Mind over Matter, you Can Do This!" I think I may have just found my new mantra!  Saturday morning Sheri and I was suppose to go run 7mi together, which we hardly ever get to do anymore, and for what ever reason I wasn't feeling it and backed out. I felt ashamed and tried to catch Sheri but she was already gone, so I laid around lazy all day!

Sunday race day came, not just any race but the last race of the "Serres" and one that I really want to win an award. They are the neatest awards, hand made plaques super cute! This is usually a big race and brings out all of the fast ones. I went into the race with two goals 1. Beat the hubs 2. Win an award. The only goal I was determined to reach was #1 and I told everyone of my running friends before the race that today was the day, the day I was going to beat him. This race also starts at a slight downhill and is super easy to get caught up in a way to fast take off, I tried telling myself to start off around a 9min pace and pick it up from there. I never look at my garmin during races cause if I see a faster pace than I think I can handle it scares me and I really start slowing down.  At the start line hubs stood in front of me, I think he did it on purpose thinking he could take the lead on me.  The start was crowded and I tried not to weave in and out and use unnecessary energy, I kept my eyes on hubs and once we rounded the first turn I passed him! I kept my momentum going as fast as I could and trying not to overdue it and end up walking, this route has a couple of good steady uphill inclines as well as a couple of good downhill declines if you pace it out right it is a great course. I saw my mom and Steve on the corner and tried judging their looks if I had a good lead or not but couldn't really tell, I passed the first mile and the time person said 7:49, WOW I wish I didn't hear that!

Looking at Mom to see if I had a good lead or not??

 I could tell I was slowing down and just tried to keep a steady pace. Around mile 2.25 you pass through a loop like and get a chance to see who is behind you, the only person I saw was Sheri and no hubs, now I knew I had at least a 30 second lead. The last half mile or so it like a roller coaster up and down and I used my new found mantra "Mind over Matter" Bobbie that's all it is "Mind over Matter".  Although I had nothing left in me to kick in at the finish I felt so HAPPY and PROUD of myself I could not believe I did it! I beat him :) Not only that but I met goal #2 also and took 2nd in my age group!! My official time was 25:47 and the hubs was 27:04 since it may never happen again I made sure to leave him in the dust :)

See the look of excitment
Heading to the finish shoot

Aren't these awards the coolest?!?!


Michelle said...

Nice job on hitting both your race goals! Congrats!!

I like that mantra - may have to borrow it ;)

Elle said...

good for you! love that artsy award, too.

Crystal said...

i love those awards!!

we saw your hubs today at automate! didnt know he worked there! :)

Running Moose said...

Way to go! Congratulations on hitting your race goals! Don't let hubby feel too bad about beating him (for too long at least)...mwah hah hah

Twila said...

Woo Hoo! Sounds like a great run!

LauraElaine said...

Wow! That is FAST! Good for you on reaching both goals!