Friday, September 9, 2011

Lost and Found...

Lost: My running schedule, my motivation to run,  my wanting to Blog and the words I want to Blog, and just my normal happy go lucky self :(

Found: My Blog (oh yea I do have one of those things)

Sorry I haven't announced a Razzy Roo Funky Runner Headband winner yet so if you still want to enter you need to go HERE NOW I will pick a winner on Sunday, September 11!


Penny said...

Hang in there. I went though that 3 months ago. It was hard. I had no desire for anything. Sometimes I thing it was plain just depression setting in. I'm doing go now and getting my train in for a half unless I change to the whole marathon. Cant seem to get off the pot on that decision. You will get your mojo back. I have you in my prayers.

Running Librarian said...

We've all been there! Hang in there. I think sometimes it is just easier to run in the fall. It is such a nice time of year and great temps that just begs you to run. Maybe the cooler temps will be just the thing to help you find your mojo. :)