Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Week Gone

Does anyone else feel like I do, Wow where has the year gone? I can NOT believe Thanksgiving is this week!!

Once again I am finding myself TRYING to get into some type of a routine, with NO LUCK! This week was a little bit better. My goal for October was to join the gym again with the hubz, that never happened. So November 1 I made myself do it:) It made it easier on me that the first was on a Tuesday and they have a step aerobic class that I wanted to start doing. The next week I never made it to the gym but I went back to the step aerobic this Tuesday! My legs was just a little tired from the half but not too bad! Wednesday Sheri and I ran 4mi and I felt like I ran 50! My legs were SO heavy I felt like I was pulling lead weights ~UGGHH! Not even a mile into it I told Sheri I wasn't sure I was going to make it, but I did and in a not so bad time of 36:36.

Me & Kelli
On Thursday night I ran (for the third year) the Southern Lights Stroll 5k with my friend Kelli and her son Caden.  Last year Kelli got third in our age group and the competitive side of me came out and really wanted it this year thankfully my legs felt better. This year they changed the course up, it goes through Christmas lights so it is almost completely dark the entire way. I didn't like that at times, the course wasn't too bad it made a couple of loops but it was hard to see the road, I kept worrying I was going to fall off the edge and hurt my foot! Kelli and Caden started right on the starting line, I went a couple of rows back. The start was crazy nobody was announcing anything then all of a sudden the air gun went off. I heard a couple of men come around me talking to each other saying we need to slow it down we are at 7:50, thanks whoever you was cause that made me slow it down also! I caught up to Kelli/Caden about 3/4mile in and he was walking, he took off way too fast, I took about 5 steps with him and told him to come on and lets pace it out. Being 8 he did the fast slow walk thing for a while and I just tried to keep my pace. When we made the final turn for the finishing stretch the three of us was lined up together, Kelli said come on we can catch that girl in the green and off she went! I did my best but couldn't catch either one of them. That darn Kelli got third again!! :) Love ya girl but it just makes me want to try harder next time! My finish time was 25:49

Caden coming through the finish! He is so cute :)

Saturday Sheri and I ran the Turkey Leg 5k in Burgin, Ky which is where I live, normally we do the Turkey Trot 5k in Liberty, Ky but since this was closer to home! The course was the same as the Run for the Pets except that is a 15k for us and this was just a 5k (yay!). It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining and it was about 45*, however on the coming back part it was SUPER windy! Sheri and I stayed together almost the entire way :) the wind was so brutal coming back I paced with a man for a long way. I looked over at Sheri and said I hope he doesn't mind me pacing off of him, he commented on the wind and said he was going to pace off of us for a while now :) Sheri took a little of a lead on me, I got a snot (gross I know ~sorry!) attack had to take about 5 quick steps to clear my throat and pull out the mantra I have been using "Mind Over Matter". The finish was so close and I was NOT going to walk any! Only the top 3 male/females got awards.
Sheri came in 2nd and I came in 3rd with a time of 26:33! Hooray us!! The awards was little turkeys that say gobble gobble gobble ~ how cute!

What's your favorite "different" award you have received or seen?

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Suz and Allan said...

I love the little turkeys! That's a neat idea for a race prize!