Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Glad that's over, for me anyway.  I always do the black Friday thing and usually that is when I get almost all of my Christmas shopping DONE!! This year I bought very little Christmas presents and mostly ME stuff!! Don't get me wrong it happens every year I end up with ME stuff but I usually buy more gifts for others! I did NOT like the midnight thing at ALL! Or the 10pm WalMart thing! Not sure how many of you went but I like it much better when everybody opened at 5am -OR- if EVERYBODY wants to start at midnight either way just lets all be on the same time! My friend and I went to our local WalMart at 9:15 to find NO parking places in the parking lot and NO carts!! We went in to a JAM packed person to person and Dreamia (my friend :) spotted a cart that no one was around it had a vacuum in it so we stood beside it for a couple of minutes nobody claimed it- IT was OURS!! OK I thought the "sales" started at 10pm?? All the "stuff" was already ripped open by customers and people grabbing left and right! I DON'T understand people, WHY do you NOT follow the SAME direction with your cart as everyone else? After fighting the traffic flow picking up our items along the way we head to the check out to wait a good 30 - 40 minutes, I had decided to pick up a $49 Blue Ray player for me & the Hubz (Merry Christmas to us honey!) The cashier says you can't buy that now it doesn't start until 12am?!?!?! So WHY was it ripped opened and OVER half the stack of them GONE?!?!? Didn't matter to her the register wouldn't ring it up anyway (ok never mind honey no Merry Christmas to us !)

Surprisingly we ended up only being in WalMart for about 1 1/2 hour so we decided we would head on over to Old Navy. They opened at 12am we got there at 11:40pm and there was a line a mile long so we decided to wait in the car until time to stay warm. We walked up and I saw Kelli so as bad as it was I cheated and got in line with her:) They had some pretty good deals ALL for ME of course:) maybe not all! I waited for Dreamia for a while and the line kept growing and growing I finally decided to get in line and surely I would see her. The line wrapped around the ENTIRE store I lined up at the door! This line was SLOW I believe this line took well over an hour to go through and I NEVER saw Dreamia. Dumb me left my phone in the car and I told her that so she knew she couldn't call me. I checked out went to take my bags out get my phone and there she was out front waiting, freezing she had been out there for 45mins!! SORRY!!

Last stop at Kohls we got there about 2:15AM! I felt totally confused on time USUALLY I am doing this during daytime hours NOT in the middle of the night time sleeping hours! Kohls was pretty uneventful I took my phone this time so we separated at the door to go get what we wanted. This trip I planned on getting me stuff because its for work, good excuse right :) but true!! Once again an extremely LONG checkout line but it moved fairly quick I think we waited around 45mins.

Hit Starbucks one the way home. Drop Dreamia off at her vehicle. Type this post. I have officially been awake for 24 hours. Oh and I ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning (I am all confused on what day it is right now!)

Looking back I used a lot of punctuation!

Goodnight or Good Morning all! Do YOU have any Black Friday experiences to share? Do you do the Black Friday thing, Do you enjoy it??


misszippy said...

wow--that is a full day! I was sound asleep last night by 9, so you were very productive while I slept away!

Caroline said...

wow that is a lot!
no black Friday for me
I did it once
that was enough for a lifetime

Suz and Allan said...

Wow, what a night! Glad you got some deals!