Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday- A Few Quick Recaps

1. Pokey Pig 5k September 24, 2011 Lebanon, Ky- This a favorite race for both Sheri and I, we did this race for the first time last year and loved it! For me its all about the Pigs :) The race is part of a festival that usually is an awesome one, this year wasn't so great but it was ok and gave us something to do after racing! The course for this one is okay, it starts on Main Street and makes a square around back into town. During the last half mile or so you start to smell the festival food ~ YUM! all the not so good for you stuff :) At another race earlier this year I was beat out of an age group award and I saw her at this race, so my goal was to beat her for sure! (Sorry not being cruel just competitive!) Sheri and I stayed together almost the entire way until the end when I started slacking off. I did come in before my person by a couple of mins! Awards time came and they announced that girl in 2nd so I knew I had first BUT they didn't say my name!! I went straight up there and said "Excuse me but I have a problem on what was just called out!" The announcer was reading from the wrong page and they had to call up all the groups they had already given out!! I WAS 1st in the age group with 26:23
2. Black Cat Chase 5k October 28, 2011Frankfort, Ky- Once again one of my favorite races, just about all Frankfort races are favorites even though I don't think the course is the easiest. They usually have LOTS of people and fun things going on:) and they are usually at night so its a family event! I didn't talk up the hubz this time so I really thought he would beat me. My friend Kelli and her son Caden was also there, he is my little running buddy! I took off pretty fast at the beginning and couldn't see anyone, then around half way point I heard someone say "Hey Bobbie!" I looked down and it was Caden full of energy and ready to "run FAST!" Holy Cow I thought I already was fast :? I could only keep up with them for about a half mile or so. Turns out I did beat the hubz and I got a new PR..........24:59!!! HOORAY My first 24 something!!! Who cares that it is one second from 25 :)
Caden & Gerard (the Hubz)

3. Harrodsburg Hobble 5k October 29, 2011 Harrodsburg, Ky- The very next morning after the Black Cat was the Harrodsburg Hobble which is in my town and right outside my office! This is a new race but it was the same course as the Beef Festival Stampede so I am familiar with it, the first half is pretty much uphill to turn around and come back down. Once again Sheri was with me, her hip had been bothering her about a half mile into the race she said something about her hip and I said "I will be GLAD to walk if you want to" my legs were very tired from running the night before! Not sure why I was so badly sore but they was! I walked way more than I should have and really should have tried harder! Sheri ended up with first and me second in our age group (they went by 10's) and I came in at 26:08 not too shabby considering how awful I felt!
Jennifer, Megan, Me & Sheri
The awards was Baseballs since the race was for the schools Baseball team!


Running Moose said...

Hey! Congrats on the 24! And you're right, it doesn't matter what comes after it! Also congrats on the age group award! And are those your feet in the Green Silence? If so have you considered changing to the Pure Grip line?

Crystal said...

i really liked the baseball awards.

great job on your 24! that's awesome. who cares if it's one second? when i get 29:59 i will be thoroughly thrilled. the whole town will know i got bc i'll be yelling so loud! :)

Suz and Allan said...

Great job on the 24! I'm shooting to run a 5K under 30 right now.