Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday- The Next Half

1. Last Saturday another running friend of mine Shalan and I did a 10 miler to get in one good long run before the Nashville 1/2 Marathon by I Run for the Party & Hard Rock Cafe. We had only ran once during the week and Shalan had been out of town for work for two weeks so neither of us was really sure how we would do. Oh and she has a Zumba class she taught before we ran! Girl has way more energy than me! Well to our SURPRISE we ROCKED that 10 miles at an 8:46 pace!! WHAT?!?!!? I have never had an awesome pace like that for such a distance!

2. I found this Nashville 1/2 Marathon way back earlier in the year and just knew I wanted to do it! WHY? The looks of this suckered me in 

One GREAT thing about half's and longer races is EVERYONE gets a medal :) and I LOVE all of my medals. The cooler they look you can pretty much go ahead and sign me up!! How cool is the guitar medal?? I can't wait to get my hands on that one!

3. Any one else gonna be in Nashville for the half or maybe just because this Saturday? Maybe I will see YOU there! Or maybe YOU can help ME pace it to a 1:59:59 finish :)

 Don't forget to enter my YANKZ GIVEAWAY!!


Running Librarian said...

If you do one more RnR race you get some extra bling for running 2 races in a year in addition to the original medal for the races that you run :)

Crystal said...

love the medal! good luck! you can do it! :)

Caroline said...

Nashville you are so lucky!
I would love to go there!
My son is dying to go there, he calls it MASHVILLE and he is sure he would run into Keith Urban there.!!!
Good luck!!
really nice pace on your 10 miler!!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i love all the different reasons that people decide they really want to do a race

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Good luck in Nashville! Love the bling. You are so speedy!