Monday, February 20, 2012

WIR- Virus' & Stress Not a Good Week

Around our area here in Central Ky several people have been sick and struck with  nasty virus, well it hit our household this week~ Ugghh!! It started with the hubz last week, I started feeling ill Saturday missed work on Monday, then the youngest daughter came home from school with it Wednesday!! Oh and actually the oldest daughter started it all the week before the hubz had it!! But finally it has been through all of us~ thank goodness!!

So here is how my sorry week went:

Thursday 2/16- Run 4mi/39:10
Saturday 2/18- Run 10mi/1:47:52

Yep that's it!! Oh well it happens some weeks LIFE! I have been dealing with  multiple stress this week on all different aspects of my life, you know what they say "When it rains it POURS!" and that is what I have felt like this week. However I think (and very much hope so) I have made a turn around. This weekend I have done a LOT of thinking, thinking of why I am feeling down and what can I do about it to make me back to the happy go lucky person I am. The best answer I came up with is RUN! I never made a goal post for this year because it seems like I didn't do so well last year so instead of setting myself up for let down for the year I decided this year I will take it day by day, week by week or month by month! And there is no time better to begin than the present!! I stated earlier this week that I went on a 5am run and that really did something for me so I hope to continue them often. And I know I have a very challenging half coming up so I will be focused on training for that and one month after that half I will be running another one in which I will be hopeful for the sub 2!!! FOCUS + STRENGTH= HAPPINESS!! Beware I may become one of those obnoxiously happy people, LOL!!

Here's to EVERYONE having a GOOD WEEK!!! I am off for my first run of this week:)



Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Ugh, I am home from work today with a sick little girl. She spent all night throwing up. Poor little thing!

Hope you had a great run!

Penny said...

Sorry to hear about that nasty virus at your house. We have been lucky so far in not getting it in my house. Run Happy. The last two weeks I have just been doing only what my running partner wanted to do and no more. I have just been out of wack. I will say to day is the first day in two weeks that I'm actually feeling like I'm getting my mojo back. So hang in there. You will get it back soon.

Courtney said...

glad to hear you're all feeling better, being sick is so frustrating and it really weighs you down!

Suz and Allan said...

Glad to hear all of you are feeling better! Have a wonderful week!