Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things are Looking Up & Why we Blog

If you have been following my posts lately you have seen that I have been pretty down and dealing with some issues and doing a lot of whining! Well my bloggy friends I think things are really finally  looking up for me:) I have been having friend issues that had (has) left me in an awful state of mind and lead me to  questioning myself on my life in general. I have wondered am I really a runner, am I a terrible person unworthy of friends, am I a worthy person of anything? I am not going to lie I have probably been in the darkest place inside myself that I haven't been since my Granny passed in '09. Should I be telling the World about these feelings I have been having? Or the issues I have been having? Not sure, which leads me to Why Do People Blog? There are lots of different kinds of blogs out there, food blogs, fashion blogs, fitness blogs, review blogs the list goes on and on. We as bloggers each blog for different reasons although some may share the same reasons. Should we be restricted to what we say in our posts, should we hold back on things we really want to say, should we really say certain things we want to say to the entire world? For me my blog is for me to express my feelings in my personal life, my running life, reviewing products of all sorts just basically what I want it to be! I feel that this is my personal journal and maybe just maybe someone feels the way I do on certain things or maybe someone can say something in a comment that can help in times of need. To me that is what my blog is for!

Things are truly looking up for me, last weekend I went to a 4k race (hello automatic PR since I've never ran one before:). The weather was perfect and beautiful, my youngest daughter went along to watch and I got to see several "race running buddies"! It felt so great! My daughter ended up making a new friend with one of the "buddies" daughters and my mom took them all around taking pics of them, making them feel like stars:) This is what made me a runner, the wonderful Happy atmosphere, all the friendly runners what more could you ask for?!

Although I have had a couple of rough days this past week, I have snapped out of my crazy funk and realized "I am who I am" and that's all I can be!


Suz and Allan said...

I didn't even know there were 4K's-learn something new every day!

Crystal said...

fyi - the fox and hound race in forkland is a 4k :) but i'm sure the one you ran last weekend was a much faster course! :)

bobbie said...

Oops crystal forgot about fox & hound I just consider it a trail run!