Monday, March 5, 2012

WIR- Very Warm in February= Storms

Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do.

Nina Kuscik, marathoner- Thanks Runners World for this quote

 I kinda had a lousy running week but here's how my week went:

Monday 2/27- Run 3.5mi/38:18
Tuesday 2/28- Run 3.5mi/32:57 Step & Tone Aerobics
Thursday 3/1- Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 3/3- Run 2mi/20   Run 9mi/1:41

I started the week out good then along came Wednesday and STORMS! Monday was a 5am run with Sarah, she was sick all the week before so we took it easy it was her first day back and sure didn't need to push herself of course I didn't mind either I love easy days! Tuesday was another 5am alone this time, I really wasn't feeling it so I told myself just at the least get in 3mi. Well I had to stop for a potty break which made me back track a little and I ended up with 3.5mi ~ Yay me :) Tuesday night in my aerobics class one of the ladies had been asking me when I run and that she would like to go with me sometime (I felt so special:), I told her I had been going at 5am if she wanted to join, by the time I got home I already received a text from her that she was going to meet me Wednesday morning! Unfortunately when the alarm clock went off at 4:15 so did the storms, terrible thunder lighting pouring rain and wind so yep we didn't go. Thursday night in aerobics we talked and I agreed to meet her Saturday morning for a few miles before I met up with Sarah for a long run. My stupid Garmin ended up being dead but we ran for 20mins so I guessed that it was about 2mi. I really enjoyed it, running with someone new and of course she thought I was a great runner since I wasn't out of breathe as we talked and ran~LOL! Then I met up with Sarah who training for her first marathon had 18mi on her schedule, not me, so she ran the first 9 with some friends and the second 9mi with me. Go Sarah you are going to "Kick that Marathons BUTT!!!"

Have you ever heard the saying "If you don't like the weather wait a few minutes it will change? That's KY weather for ya" ? That has been proven true this past week. The start of the week was cold in the 30's and 40's, by Wednesday it was in the mid 60's with terrible storms (our weather sirens went off at least 6 times in 40mins), Thursday was a beautiful day sunshine and 60's then came Friday. Friday was a balmy 70's and very bad storms, the weatherman predict 90% chance of tornado's all of the schools let out at noon and banks and other business' started letting out around 3:30pm, that's when I began to worry. Luckily our area escaped unharmed just terrible rain, wind, and hail but not all of KY was as lucky. A couple of communities were completely wiped away by tornado's and I think they now have said the death toll in KY alone is up to 22. Please be thinking about these families as I know I will! Saturday it was back down in the 40's and on Sunday it snowed! Crazy KY weather :?

Hope your week last week went well!
Thanks for following my Journey!

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Penny said...

Sorry to hear last week wasnt so good. I glad you all are ok. That was some nasty weather down there.