Monday, March 12, 2012

WIR- Weekend of Ups and Downs

Tuesday 3/6- Run 3mi/30:51 Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 3/7- Run 4.15mi/40:00
Thursday 3/8- Step & Tone Aerobics
Saturday 3/10- Run 12mi/1:55:33
Sunday 3/11- Run 2.93/25:45

Tuesday was the only 5am run I did last week with Sarah, neither one of us was really wanting to get up this past week:) and with the weather getting nicer I enjoy the sunny afternoons. So I will probably go back to afternoon runs except on Tuesday and Thursday aerobic days. Wednesday the wind was so fierce I am surprised I talked myself into going but making a plan to meet Sarah really helped! Saturday I was set to run 12mi with Sarah but her foot is/was bothering her, so I met Kathy from my aerobic class again for the first 3miles and completed the rest of it by myself! I wasn't sure if I would do the entire 9 or not but convinced myself "YES You ARE!!" and I did. There was several times I wanted to walk but kept on going the best I could the last mile was the hardest but I pushed through it. When I looked back at my time and pace I was very pleased with myself! Watch out Run the Bluegrass you may not be my fastest half but I (we) are coming for ya!!
Friday I Posted about the awful (to me) start to my day. I had hoped that would mean the rest of the weekend would get better.......Saturday started out good but went DOWNHILL FAST!!! Something that I never would have expected(although maybe yes I did expect it) to happen did, another eye opening experience! BUT anyway............

Sunday I had a 5k race that was suppose to be on Saturday but got postponed due to a championship girls basketball game for the school that was hosting the race. I was unsure of how well I would be able to run since I did the 12miles on Saturday and it was at 4pm, that time of day is so hard to plan for to run a race for me anyway! My legs felt pretty good thanks to my CEP compression socks:) Love those things! I told myself to just run it how I felt, don't push myself too hard and just listen to my legs. Too my surprise my legs was ready to go faster than I thought they would! Although my distance came up a little short I was VERY PLEASED and HAPPY to finish in 25:45 WOO HOO!! My first decent race of the new year and best of all everyone in my group got a medal:) Most definitely the highlight of my weekend!

RUN HAPPY!! Hope everyone had a great week last week!


Elle said...

Lovely picture and so nice that everyone got a medal!

kimert79 said...

Great group pic! Nice job on the 5k!

Courtney said...

awesome race and great week of training! i'm so nervous about the bluegrass but i'm just planning on taking it easy since i have another half the next day!

Suz and Allan said...

Great job on the race!