Monday, April 30, 2012

Ky Derby Mini Marathon

I have had a goal of getting a half under 2hrs for some time now I was ohh so close back in the fall on a somewhat hilly course but came in at 2:00:43. I had several people tell me they thought I could do it at the Derby half as it is flat and a great course but I was still skeptic....

Me & Sarah waiting to start
Miles 1 -4  9:21, 8:51, 8:48, 8:53
I lined up with my friend Sarah who was doing her first Full marathon. The crowd was crazy packed and I almost started to panic thinking I wasn't going to find her but thankfully I did! I stopped on my way to use the bathroom (again thankful:) but while we was standing there waiting for the start my stomach started feeling awful and I needed to pee really bad~ not good. Finally the crowd started moving and we was walking towards the starting mat, I thought about jumping into the potty before I crossed the mat I had to go so bad but I just did my best to block it out knowing soon I would be sweating it out! Once we made it through the mat I told Sarah "Don't take off too fast and remember You Got This!!" and off I went. There was so many walkers mixed in and slower people that I did a lot of weaving, I don't like that as it uses lots of energy. They only had pace groups for the full marathoners but we all stayed together until around mile 8.5, I got up to and passed the 9:30 group and hoped I would catch the 9:09 but I never saw them so I knew it was all up to me to pace it and I was so glad I had a pace band on. The first mile I was behind by about 20 seconds, the second I was behind by 10 seconds but by mile 3 I had gained about 40 seconds. I felt great and strong was keeping around an 8:50 pace and told myself to just hold that as long as I could and "bank" some time.

Crazy crowded
 Miles 5-8   8:50, 9:04, 9:00, 8:54
I was still feeling good and strong. The weather was almost perfect for this it was about 55* and the sun was shining at 5.93 it rained for about 2mins but I was on a street covered with trees so I didn't get wet at all:) Every time I looked at my garmin I was at least at 8:50 pace. About mile 7.5 my back started hurting and I worked on fixing my stride standing up straight and not slumping, I was also beginning to feel blisters on my toes so I worked on adjusting my feet while running but I still felt great overall. Around mile 8 we entered Churchill Downs where the Ky Derby is run. This is the only area that there was any kind of hills as we went down and up a couple of ramps they were very short. As we went through Churchill it was totally awesome to see some of the Derby horses out doing practice I really thought this was the neatest part of the entire race! The course was still very crowded and I was still doing lots of weaving, there was a man I seemed to stay with for several miles that had a firefighter shirt on I was just about to begin talking to him as I figure he was wondering why I was staying so close to him (pacing with him of course:) when he drifted off to get water I kept on going but thought no problem he will catch back up but I never saw him again. I was still doing good "banking" some time and staying ahead of pace band times!

Miles 9 - 12  9:09, 9:06, 9:00, 9:02
I was still feeling strong but was also beginning to feel myself slowing. I hadn't drank any water along the way yet and due to my yucky feeling stomach at the start I chose not to take any GU's. I decided when I saw the water stop at mile 9 I had better go ahead and get a drink. Well that's all I got as the tables were empty of filled cups and the volunteers were dipping the water out of a cooler as fast as they could for the runners, I had to completely stop and wait about 45 seconds for a cup of water that had just enough for one drink of water! That was ok at the time but I was starting to feel a little light headed and hot and thirsty! Thankfully at mile 11 volunteers were standing there with cups of water in there hands, I grabbed one (and said Thank You) without stopping which I couldn't drink and run so I just took a couple of drinks and tossed it. I was getting a cramp in my left hamstring and just did my best to block it out, they were handing out orange slices about mile 11.75 so I grabbed one, I think it helped a LOT! I put several "fast" paced songs toward the end of my playlist on my ipod and I really think it helped me pull through the last couple of miles. A little after passing mile 12 I heard my mom yelling at me I was so glad to see her:)

Even though I don't really look like it I was still feeling good & Happy to see my mom!
Miles 13 - .15  9:07, 1:10
My feet was really starting to hurt and I was so glad I had "banked" an entire minute and 40 seconds of time. I kept telling myself "1:59:59 its GOING to be yours today! Just hang in there and don't stop!" I had to resist the urge to walk I told myself its ok to slow down just a bit but every time I looked at my pace it wasn't slowing. I saw what I thought was the finish area only to find there was still about a quarter of a mile to go. But then when I rounded the corner and really did see the finish I gave it my all! I felt like I was going to throw up, pass out or possibly even fall down but I just kept on going to the finish mat! My garmin said 1:58:30 but my official time was 1:58:26!! If I had any more strength I believe I could have kicked my heels up!!! :) :) :)

Feeling so Happy and Proud of myself:)

I LOVED this course I could not have asked for a better one or a more perfect day! Although I did not use many of the water stops they appeared to be empty at most of them, I think that is something that could have been better. I can't wait to do this one again and am considering doing the Full marathon next year instead of the half even though I found out after mile 20 there is several hills.
Sarah and I She still looked great even after finishing her 1st Full Marathon!!


Suz and Allan said...

Great job on running a sub-2 half! Woohoo!!!!

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Congrats! It was a great day for a run! I also ran the derby mini and it was really annoying with all of the walkers that should have been at the back..

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Congrats on the sub-2! Amazing!!

Courtney said...

SUB 2!!!!!!!! Great job Bobbie!