Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Listening to our Body

Listening to our body is a very hard thing to do.

I recently had one friend drop down to the half instead of completing the full marathon as planned due to some foot pain and other issues.

I also had another friend drop out of a half marathon due to foot pain.

This morning I was suppose to go run. I woke up with a sore achy knee, my back was hurting and a terrible sore throat. I wanted to go run. I debated on going to run. Yes I will go, No maybe not, Yes just go I'm sure you will feel better after right?

At the last possible minute I decided not to go. I think my body was telling me not to and just take the day for rest. My knee is still hurting BUT tomorrow morning I will run or at least try. Should I even if  my knee still hurts? Probably not!

Why is it so hard to listen to our body? What would you do? Run or take another day of rest?


Twila said...

Another rest day! I am resting tomorrow because my right arch is hurting : ( Same one that hurt in Atlanta! So frustrated.

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

It can be so hard to learn how to interpret your body and know what is an ache you can run through or an ache you need to listen to. Great job listening to your body and this is a lesson all runners must learn for themselves....over time. It is the art of running....the listening. No one can tell you what is best for you. Only you can tell.

Thanks for the post today!