Thursday, May 17, 2012

3tt- I Knew This would Happen

1. So yea my so called "father" I posted about the other day suppose to be coming for my daughters graduation (HIS granddaughter), WELL surprise surprise he emailed me yesterday that he was now not coming! I am so upset/angry over this I could just spit nails, at him of course! Why did he ever say he was coming in the first place? I so wish he would have just said "No" in the beginning so I would be over it by now!! Thankfully it hasn't upset my daughter only me! I so knew this would happen!! UGGHH!!!

2. I tried to get up the morning for an early a.m. run, when the alarm went off I wasn't feeling the best. I got up to brush my teeth and my entire body felt like a lead weight! I laid back down thinking should I go or not, tossed it around in my head several times. Then I thought about my upcoming weekend of doing back to back races, 5k Friday night/ 10k Saturday morning, and decided maybe that was my body's way of saying just rest and wait?!

3. Today is my Friday for work HOORAY!!! Come on 4:30pm, Lol!!


Christy MyDirtRoadAnthem said...

Jealous of this being your Friday! So sorry about your dad not coming for your daughters graduation. ugh why do people have to be that way!? Hugs

Caroline said...

So sorry about your dad.../i get it. in our family my mil is the one who keeps letting us down..she has 2 sons. She has never seen my youngest who is 6 and last time she saw my 7.5 yrs old he was not walking. She lives 3 hrs away from us.