Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whooha Gear

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Believe You Can Burnout Tee

I REALLY LOVE this Tee! But first of all I must admit I am not a fan of "burnout" type shirts as they are fitted and I am NOT a fitted type person. However when I put this shirt on it was so comfortable! And the saying or motto on the shirt
"Believe You Can & You're Halfway There"
is something I believe in:) This year I have been thinking my focus is and should be on half marathons as I want to be super at them (well super for me anyway:)

I decided to wear my shirt for the first time to one of the biggest local "Serres" races, although it was only a 5k I got SEVERAL compliments on this awesome shirt. A couple of my friends who have been thinking about doing there first half said it made them want to go ahead and do one so they could purchase "cool 13.1 stuff"! Of course I told them to check out Whooha Gear!
**The only half way negative thing I can say it the shirts run small in size so be sure to size up when ordering! Its posted on the web site as well**

So DON'T DELAY head on over to WHOOHA GEAR today and check out the AWESOME selection!

Me in my AWESOME Burnout Tee!! Surprised but I LOVED the way it fits:)
THANK YOU Julie @Whooha Gear for letting me review such an AWESOME shirt!!

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Courtney said...

love the shirt, it looks great on you!