Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WIR- The "Serres" has Began :)

I pretty much did NOTHING last week. Why?? Well I've got lots of excuses and they are some pretty good ones (at least I think so:) and I skipped my review from two weeks ago but I did post about my awesome Sub 2 Half :) :) :) so I will start after that day!

Sunday 4/29- Pacing 4 Paws 5k (2.93mi) 26:50
Wednesday 5/2- 2mi 22:00
Saturday 5/5- Haggin 5k @Shakertown 26:17
Sunday 5/6- 7mi 1:09:26

The day after the half I decided to go run the Pacing 4 Paws 5k. I debated it all day long as I laid in the bed until after 11am, the hubz asked me was I ever going to get up, LOL! When I finally got up I didn't think I was going to go, my legs was feeling a little sluggish however once I was up and moving I started feeling much better so I decided to go and just run it easy like a recovery run! Thankfully it was later in the afternoon but it was crazy hot definitely wasn't ready for that. Good thing for small crowds! I took off maybe a little too fast quickly slowed my pace to comfortable and was lucky enough to finish in a decent time. They awarded the top 2 per age groups and I was able to claim 1st! The next day I was just completely wiped out~ super tired and was for two days so I decided to just take it easy and do nothing for the next two days!  Wednesday afternoon I met up with Sarah to run, once again it was super hot and this was her first run post full marathon so I left it all up to her how and how much we would run. Neither of us was really feeling it so we cut it at 2mi and walked about a mile to cool back down. The next day is when I woke up the the AWFUL migraine I think the heat got the better of me!

If you have followed my blog at all you know I run a local series called Wilderness Trace Run/Walk Serres. It is a series of races any where from 12- 14 races in which if you complete so many you get prizes at the end like a long sleeve wicking shirt, jacket or vest, hats & gloves or ear warmers. For the last two years I have completed every single race one year it was only me and last year it was only me and my friend (at least I hope she is still my friend). Needless to say I LOVE the SERRES!! I plan my summer around every race and make it a point to attend every race:)

This past Saturday was the first race of this years Serres. The Haggin Hospital Sunrise 5k held at the beautiful Shaker Village. One thing that is almost guaranteed is it ALWAYS rains on the day of this race and sure enough I awoke to thunder & lightening and rain! Thankfully it stopped just in time for the race but it also must have made several people stay home as the crowd was very little (which doesn't bother me less competition, Ha!). The route normally includes about a 1.5mi gravel stretch but due to the heavy rain we had the director decided to cut out that part as it seemed too dangerous, my thought was "Oh yay" however I take that back!! Geez the hill on the road part was awful usually we just go down that hill and on the way back it cuts off to the gravel, I think I would much rather take the gravel stretch! Me and one of my running buddies Kelly was the two females in the lead we were side by side the entire race:) when we reached the hill we decided to walk it together. Another different thing with this race is they put out stuffed animals along the course, if you pick one up and bring it in you get a door prize! I usually look for a small one so I can stuff it in my shorts and not have to carry it, I'm not good with holding things while running! As Kelly and I was making the final loop to the finish line I told her to go ahead but she insisted for me to go, that made me the 1st overall female~ HOORAY!! And my door prize was pretty awesome as well, it was a $10 gift certificate to our local Bike and Fitness store!!
See the feathers sticking out, that was my animal I picked up for the door prize:)

Me and my Running Buddies!

Do you have a series you participate in?

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Running Moose said...

No series yet! There are some good ones, though. INjuries the past two winters prevented a winter 5/10k series and focusing on long distance training (with no speed days) took away my desire to sign up for a series last summer. This summer will be the same-injury recovery and training for long distance "races"