Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIR- 2cents a mile

Monday 6/18- Run 3.54mi/37:49  Run 4.5mi/40:16
Tuesday 6/19- Run 3mi/32:10   Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 6/20- Run 4mi/36:12
Thursday 6/21- Run 4mi/36:29
Saturday 6/23- Corning Relay for Life 5k- 25:10
Sunday 6/24- Run 8mi/1:22:19

Wow that is the most I have ran in one week all year long, 30miles in one week!! And surprisingly I felt pretty good all week now I am just hoping to keep it up and add more to it:) One thing though, by the fourth day in a row of running I found myself HUNGRY ALL DAY LONG ~uggh didn't like that part of it. I think I did ok with it though by not eating a bunch of junk food I took a bag full of grapes to work with me everyday to snack on.

Monday morning Sarah and I decided it was time to get back with it and start the early AM running thing to try to beat the heat, except that I also went in the heat that afternoon as well. I did really good and kept up the early thing all week until Thursday morning......I guess I turned the alarm off instead of snooze Thursday morning and dosed back off to sleep. I opened my eyes to see the clock said 5:20am~ WHAT I'M SUPPOSE TO BEGIN RUNNING AT 5:30!!!! I jumped up straight out of bed threw my running close on, brushed my teeth, grabbed a water and drove speedy fast to town! As soon as I started running I knew I was going to have to make a pit stop so I ran to the park just in case, thank goodness I did cause it was most definitely needed ~ yep TMI I know:)

Saturday Race Day- another "Serres" race for this week and it was for a great cause Relay for Life! It was held at a local park in town that I never go to to run at, after the race I quickly remember why I don't the entire back side of it for about a mile and a half is uphill!! Guess it would be a great place to do some hill work though. It was a fairly pleasant morning but the sun was already beating down at 8am. In order to make the course 3.1 the first mile we had to loop around the parking lot, I really didn't like that at all there was several pot holes and two speed bumps, ever since I fell earlier this year I am extra cautious about stuff like that. At the start of the race I told one of my buddies that I was hoping to average an 8:15 pace and once again like usual I took off way too fast but I felt comfortable until I saw the time clock, my first mile was 7:40 too fast for me to take off at! But then we hit the path through the park and it seemed like someone turned the heat on, it got hot really quick and the seemingly like never ending hills started.

Look of concentration or just plain ole stress:/

I tried my best to just keep a nice steady pace, slow it when I needed to and hopefully save a little something for the end. I thought I was going to be able to catch the first female but when those hills started I just kept falling farther and farther behind her. I started to let it get to me a little mentally almost to the point I was going to walk a little and who cares.....but then I had a little "pep" talk with myself and said "just keep on doing your best" and that I did! I even had a little kick in the last quarter mile kicking up my pace to 7:03 and ended up with an overall pace of 8:12 hmmm a few seconds better than I predicted:) And I ended up being the 2nd overall female! (but it was a small crowd)

Sunday morning Sarah and I got up early to do our long run of 8miles once again to beat the heat. Both of us was super surprised at how great we felt during the entire run. She has been in a little bit of a running funk and said that run was exactly what she needed. I was so glad for both of us. Something a little crazy happened to me, I wore my water belt and when we stopped at the gas station for potty break I refilled my bottle with just ice knowing that it would melt and be nice and cold when we got finished. I noticed that my butt was getting fairly wet but just thought it was from my bottles sweating~WRONG I didn't have the cap on one of my bottles and the entire thing leaked onto my rear end!! I was soaked! Along the way of our 8miles this is what I found

I am a money scout while running:) On this day I made 2 cents per mile, who says it doesn't pay to run!!


Sheridan Lee said...

You can use the money you've found when you go on vacation!

Suz and Allan said...

Wow, that was quite a week for you!