Monday, June 4, 2012

WIR- Getting my Groove Back

Here's what Daily Mile had to say about my training last week:
   Hey Bobbie, Stellar training last week!

Love it when I get that message on my weekly report, really makes me feel like a "runner"!! LOL!! If you are on Daily Mile be sure to Friend Me if you aren't already:)

Wednesday 5/30- A.M.Run 3mi/34:11    P.M. Run 4mi/37:35
Thursday 5/31- A.M. Run 3mi/31:31  Step &Tone Aerobics  P.M. Run 2mi/???
Saturday 6/2- Beef Festival 5k Stampede 24:12
Sunday 6/3- Run 10mi/1:36:31

My friend Sarah and I decided we was going to get our act together this week and get back to the early a.m. run thing, well it didn't kick in until Wednesday~ Ha! It has just been so dang hot in the afternoons the only time running is half way enjoyable is in the mornings except that is has finally cooled back down to normal temps. And what the heck got into me with doing double runs?? Not too sure but I hope I can keep them up at least a couple times a week. Wednesday I was still feeling fresh and it was nice outside so I asked the hubz to go run that evening. We rewarded ourselves with Orange Leaf afterwards:) LOVE that stuff which is another reason I probably need to keep up the double runs! Thursday after aerobics he convinced me to go run a lap (2mi) around the park, at first I refused telling him I was tired and my legs was tired but the more he asked I finally said "OK But I will be slow and maybe walk some!" Well I was slow alright but didn't walk any and more than likely wasn't as slow as I thought (didn't have the Garmin). Two runs with the hubz in one week~ LOVE IT!! Thank GOODNESS for rest day Friday:) I was really ready for it!

Saturday morning was one of my favorite "Serres" 5k's of all time, it was where it all started for me becoming a runner in 2009, the Beef Festival 5k Stampede in my hometown! They only give awards to the top 3overall male/females so I researched the times from last year to see if I had any chance. It was a nice cool morning and I woke up feeling like I DID have a chance and maybe had a new PR of 23something in me:)
The course is really not the easiest of courses, it is out and back, the out is pretty much uphill the entire way which means you have a nice steady downhill coming back but there is a couple of slight uphills also coming back. The finish is about .25 of all downhill great for really kicking it in! I decided to try and play it a little smarter and not go all out to start with so I wouldn't be dead and just coasting on the downhill, for once I had negative splits:)) My pacing buddy Kelly wasn't there but my other friends that I ran the 10k with was, I stayed behind them so I knew I wasn't going out too fast and my legs was feeling a bit tired. There was 2 females ahead of us and one of my friends made the 3rd, then a young girl came roaring past us like it was nothing but we quickly passed another which put us back at the 3rd and 4th (me) position. My plan was to stay close enough to the 3rd place and use that downhill finish to sprint into the 3rd female position. Well my buddy Jenna got her sprint sooner and there was no way I was going to catch her, but I still gave it all I had and finished as 4th overall female, still pretty awesome in my opinion with a time of 24:12. Dang didn't get my 23 something but I was pretty darn close:)

Can you tell I was giving it my all?

Sunday morning it was still cool out and knew it was great weather for a nice long run. Once again I didn't really care what my pace was just get out there and run! Thankfully I was able to get in 10mi and at a fairly good pace (9:38 overall). I felt like that was the best long run I've had in a long time, comfortable and relaxed and wanting to just run, I only stopped once for a water break and once at a stoplight for a water break~ Yay me! I think I am going to start making that my minimum of 10mi on my Sunday long runs anything above that will just be awesome!! My next distance race is going to be the Women's Half in Indianapolis on September 1, so if I focus on mastering the 10miles I should have a pretty decent half!

Hope Everyone had a Great Week!! Here's to the start of another one!!


Corrina said...

Congrats on the race!!!

Suz and Allan said...

Nice job on the race! That's a really great race photo.