Monday, June 11, 2012

WIR- Run for the Brass 5k

Tuesday 6/5- A.M. Run 4mi/35:46  P.M. Run 4mi/38:08
Wednesday 6/6- A.M. Run 3mi/28:45
Thursday 6/7- P.M. Run 4mi/35:15
Saturday 6/9- Run for the Brass 5k 24:30
Sunday 6/10-  Run 6.2mi/1:06:08

This week I decided to skip out on aerobics and not too sure why?! Tuesday night I was all set and ready to go but when I pulled in the parking lot of the gym my hubz was waiting and said "wanna go run instead?" He wasn't feeling like going in and doing his lifting "junk" that he does and wanted to run instead, so I gave in and went to run with him. The only thing I didn't like about it was I wasn't prepared, I didn't have my proper running shoes, clothes or trusty Garmin! I really dislike not having my Garmin let alone my shoes and such, the Hubz fussed at me and said "You DON'T ALWAYS NEED that watch!" but what does he know??!! So I made us go on a regular route that I  knew the distance was 4mi and we used his watch for the time:)
Thursday night should have been another aerobic night but since I had already skipped Tuesday I thought what the heck and I wanted to get in a good practice run at the park where the 5k was for the weekend! Once we took off I just wasn't really feeling it I felt heavy, legs felt heavy, side stitches, arms felt heavy all this was playing with my mind. Even though I think I NEED my Garmin I rarely look at my pace because it messes with my mind if I "think" I'm going too fast, to my surprise even though I wasn't "feeling it" we did 4mi with an 8:48 pace after work at the park which I don't enjoy running at!! So yea I was pretty happy with it!

Saturday morning race morning~ Run for the Brass 5k. This is usually a larger "Serres" race as there is several out of town people for the Brass Band Festival which attend the 5k. When I left the house I told the Hubz that I was hoping for at least 25:15 and not going out all fast to hopefully have a faster finish than start. I told all of my "runner peeps" the same:) Sure enough there was a large crowd and I knew I was probably too far back and should have moved up a little but I got to talking with everyone around me and it was time to GO so I did some weaving which I also dislike.
Me & Sarah before the race
Me & Todd before the weaving of the crowd!
Unfortunately I did get caught up in the fast take off but I was able to hold it for about a mile and a half until I hit the big hill! I was running with Todd and told him "I already know this hill is going to slow me down, see ya at the finish!" and sure enough that was the case I was still close enough I could see him but then we hit the other long steady hill and I slowed down again. I tried my best to reserve some energy on the hills so I could pick it up on the straights and the finish. When I made the last curve to the finish and saw the clock I was surprised at what it said and kicked it the best I could and finished in 24:30! and was 2nd in my age group:) Almost one whole minute better than I thought I could do and it was like a minute and a half PR at the park for me ~Hooray!!
Baylee(my youngest daughter) & Me

Sunday morning me and Sarah had planned on doing a long run. She hasn't done one in a long time and my 10mi last week was my first one in a while, we had hopes of doing 10mi even if it was super slow. We started out ok but quickly decided to cut it to 6mi and play it safe, I was tired, it was humid and I was just ready to be done. I went straight home drank a glass of chocolate milk and went right back to bed and slept until 12:30pm!! Yep I was tired:)

When/ How do you decide to cut a run short? When your just not feeling it, Feeling tired, or just plain Hot? 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I cut one short recently when I just was not feeling it. Every mile felt like an eternity and I was exhausted, so I called it early. I think it is fine to do once in awhile. Today I had to quit two miles early because I had to go get my kids :)

Great job on your 5k PR!

Courtney said...

you are killing these 5K's! great job!

ajh said...

Great job on the 5K! Thanks for the kind thoughts on my blog.