Thursday, July 19, 2012

3TT- Out of Shape, My Horoscope & No Power

1. For whatever reason (trust me I have lots of excuses) I have fallen out of my regular Step & Tone Aerobics routine, I was going two times a week and was still able to keep up with my running. Then I started missing here and there sometimes not going at all but kept up on running. I told myself this is the week to get back to it! I want/am going to aerobics two times a week and keeping up with my running mileage of at least 25- 30miles.  Well.......I went to aerobics Tuesday night and have barely been able to get up and down since and feel ten times worse today~ Gosh I'm so out of shape!! Needless to say I haven't ran any this week :(
2. I was/am beginning to feel a little down and out about my out of shape(ness) then I read my Horoscope in the paper last night, the message it told me:    Take a break from your normal pace.  Thank you Horoscope for making me feel better about it:)

3. I had every intention of running last night even though I was barely able to move. I told myself it didn't matter if I was slow or even if I had to take walk breaks just get out there and get some miles in! It was crazy super hot and humid so I needed to wait for the sun to go down a little. It began to get cloudy and all areas around us was having storms but none looked like they was coming our way so I got ready to put the running attire on. Of course the wind picked up, it started thunder and lightening with pouring rain and our power went out ugghh! Its nothing unusual for our power to go out and normally comes right back on, wouldn't you know that wasn't the case last night! Our power was out from 7:15pm until 3:15am which of course meant I didn't go run:( I was starting to have memories of a few years ago when we had a terrible ice storm and had no power for 2weeks! So thankful we didn't have to wait that long again!

Wish me luck in going to aerobics tonight, as sore as my legs are I'm trying to talk myself out of going BUT

No Pain No Gain, RIGHT???

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Randi S said...

Oh dear, I don't believe in horoscopes at all but I do agree with what it says. Just sounds like you need a Saabath. :)