Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIR- Still catching up- My Week in Panama City Beach, Fl

Monday 7/2- Run 4mi/36:00  Walk 2mi
Wednesday 7/4- Run 6.21mi/58:07
Saturday 7/7- Run/Walk 3mi/38:21

I am still trying to get back into a regular blogging routine, gosh one week off and its so hard to fit everything back in gear!

Panama City Beach, FL was the greatest family vacation we have EVER had (that came straight from my kiddo's!!). We are bad parents I know but this is our girls first ever trip to the beach and the are 18 & 13 years old so yeah they REALLY enjoyed it! Before we went I told my youngest daughter that "Yes I WOULD be running while we was on vacation, don't worry it will be early in the morning while you all sleep" her reply was "Mom it is vacation and you should be taking a vacation from everything!" But (for me) how often do you get to run by the beach??

So on our first morning there I got up and out the door around 5:30am (their time was an hour behind my time at home and that made it so much easier getting up~ crazy!). I knew is was about 1mi from our room to the Pier Park Mall so that was the direction I headed, I went up and down every street in the mall so I could check it out and see what all stores they had and find the Nike outlet:) When I first went out I didn't see anyone else out but one my way back I started seeing other people out running and cycling.  Wednesday morning my friend Sarah was going to be running a 10k at home, since I couldn't find a race of any kind in FL I sent her a text telling her I was going to get up and run my own 10k so I would at least be in "Spirit" with her. This time I went the opposite direction than the mall don't get me wrong I enjoy running flat ground but all flat and no hills even little hills didn't work well with me mentally. I felt like I was NEVER going to reach 3.10 to be able to turn around and head back! This morning I got up a little later and didn't head out until 6am I saw several more runners and walkers out that morning. One thing I didn't enjoy was the crazy humidity early in the mornings it felt like I was running in a sauna and my clothes looked like it as well! Not sure if I just sweat heavy or what but it seemed like the others I saw along the way was no where near as sweaty as I was! On Wednesdays route I went pass the County Pier on my way back through I stopped there to use the bathroom and get a drink of water and enjoy the ocean view for a couple of mins~ Sweet:) A couple of days we drove around to check out the area before we hit the beach, it really amazed me how many people waited to be out running until 9 - 10 am in the full sun no way I would have been happy doing that and probably would have drown in my own sweat, LOL!

The morning after we got home I got an invite to run/walk with one of my running buddies that is pregnant, it was nice catching up with each other and enjoying Cracker Barrel breakfast after!

After two days of being on the beach all of my family decided they was ready to move there permanently! I wouldn't mind going once a month but for me there's no place like home!!

Where has your favorite vacation spot been? Did it make you want to move there forever? Or is there no place like home?

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Running Librarian said...

good for you running on vacation! I think my first beach vacation was 13/14 years old