Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shouldn't our Hair be Phit Also?

Recently I was sent a sample pack of Phit Shampoo and Conditioner to try out.
When I saw an advertisement for Phit I wondered "Can these products really be That much different than my normal Shampoo/Conditioner?" I have long hair (couldn't tell you the last time I've had a hair cut~ sad I know) and have to pull it up to run which sometimes leads to broken ends from pulling ( read that as yanking out) the ponytail holder. I am not a hair person at all and the only thing I do to "fix" it is use the straightener. I wash my hair every day except on the weekends and then I wait until Sunday after a full weekend of running (but yes I do shower off:). Therefore I figured that would be the perfect time to try out the Phit products when my hair was really funky!

My first thought was the shampoo didn't lather up a lot so I used a little more. More was not really needed and my usual quarter size amount was enough. With the conditioner I always use a little more than shampoo and I always leave it on for a little while before rinsing. I really liked the way the conditioner felt it didn't feel heavy or weigh my hair down. I did not blow dry my hair after using the Phit products instead I went to bed with wet hair so I could see how my hair would feel in the morning. It was great! So soft and smooth feeling and easy to brush! I also LOVE the smell:) I would definitely recommend using Phit Hair Products! Maybe not on an everyday basis but for sure a few times a month to get a really good "clean" feeling!!

Here is some info from the Phit site:
*All of our products restore your hair’s pH balance to its natural levels. Ph-optimization helps strengthen hair while repairing damaged ends. All of our products are pH-optimized with an acidity level appropriate for each type of shampoo or conditioner.

*Sulfates find there way into products as a “filler” ingredient, but can damage your hair. They cause it to dry out, and have even been known to cause cancer if used excessively. Sulfates are especially troublesome for people with sensitive scalps or skin and can cause a variety of ailments like eczema and dermatitis. Our wide range of products offers sulfate-free alternatives that will leave your hair softer and smoother than ever with a mild cleansing, moisturizing formula.

*Quinoa is a protein-packed grain that, when used in hair products, nourishes strands with plenty of essential amino acids and vitamins. The coat of this hydrolyzed grain not only strengthens and protects hair but also is believed to enrich moisture, attracting it from the air. This grain is a revolutionary ingredient in hair care products, but has already proven beneficial for all different hair types. It contains film-forming properties to protect your hair, and your scalp, from environmental exposure.

Phit Shampoo & Conditioner runs $17.99 each for an 8oz bottle or you can try out the Starter Pack for $9.99. Either way it is WELL WORTH the investment or the PERFECT gift idea for any person who lives an active and fit lifestyle!!

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