Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Disheartened and "Serres" Swag

Sunday was the final race of the Wilderness Trace Serres. Once again this year I completed all 14 races on the schedule. The final race is always a big one that brings out lots of runners and lots of faster runners. The course is almost the same as one of the earlier races (in which I PR'd at) and is pretty much the same route I do all of my regular runs on. Which means I SHOULD do fairly well, right?? Usually my hubz runs this race also and last year I really talked it up telling him I was going to beat him, this year he decided not to run:(

The Constitution 5k is always held on a Sunday evening at 5pm and is usually HOT. This year it wasn't hot and was about 73* and it felt pleasant. On my way to the race I could tell I just wasn't "feeling" it, I was disappointed the Hubz wasn't running it with me and disappointed that he wasn't even going to go watch me finish~ SHAME on him! I have been in the habit of taking my GU at least one hour before race time so if its going to "hit" me bathroom wise I still have time to deal with it, so I also ate my GU on the way. I picked a Blueberry Roctane out of my box, once I put some in my mouth I thought "This thing taste a little funny?' but I kept on eating it until I just couldn't stand it anymore. I looked at the back of it, it expired 10/2011??!! No wonder it tasted funny! Now I was worried and feeling nauseous although I'm sure it was all in my head.

For some reason this year they decided to move the start to where one block into the race you had to make a left turn, this was the dumbest decision ever with about 300 runners and of course no one lines up right, slower ones in the back. This made me nervous and sure enough I got caught up in several people and felt like I was fighting my way through.
This was the start after pushing my way through
Once we took off running you could quickly tell that even though the temps wasn't really hot it was REALLY humid! I had told one of my buddies before the race I would like to start out with 8min miles if I could, she agreed and thought that sounded like a good plan however she took off like a rocket, once we made the turn and got going down the first hill I never saw her again! She is much faster than me anyway so I expected her to go on without me. When I started getting really hot from it being humid I began to feel dizzy~ dang that expired GU that's what I blamed it on anyway.  Another thing that disappointed me, I left my headphones at home but I had my ipod with corded headphones in my car I just hate fooling with the cords. For the entire first mile I tried to get it right and just couldn't get the earbud to stay in place, I finally gave up and just tucked it into my shirt which meant I now had no music to help me push through. (The only time I listen to music is during races or if I'm long running by myself.) The first mile was my best at 7:50.

The second mile goes uphill downhill uphill downhill uphill then levels off. I could tell I wasn't running well and still wasn't feeling "it" by the time I reached the 2.5mi point I almost walked but reminded myself even my slower pace is faster than walking! There was a woman in front of me that I REALLY wanted to pass and I just couldn't work up enough strength to do it. Then a girl I know is in my age group passed me although I told her "GO!" as she passed me I really thought I would be able to pass her once we got up the hill. So much for that thought I was just completely not with it and couldn't perform like I know I CAN!
About a mile & half in really not into it if you can't tell
 So needless to say I missed out on placing at all.  My time was 25:44 which is still good. But I placed in every single "Serres" race except the last one which left me very disheartened!! I know you can't win them all and everyone has bad runs and I am VERY grateful that I am able to run and run half way decent. I just really wanted it that day!

On the other hand I was one of only three people to compete all 14 of the "Serres" races!
My "Serres" swag:)
If you complete so many of the races you get various stuff the extra thing for all the races was the bag. So I got a Tech Shirt, a Fleece Pullover, a Visor and the Bag! I LOVE the color they used this year also:) Now its the waiting game for it to start all over again next year! Although my month of October and well most of the rest of the year is booked with races~ got to have some motivation to keep on running!


Crystal said...

LOVE the KY blue color this year!

Courtney said...

still a great time bobbie!! love your swag!

Suz and Allan said...

That's really impressive that you ran all 14 events! That's a lot of extra swag for completing all the events. Very nice!