Thursday, June 28, 2012

3tt- Big News for My Area

A new Rock 'n' Roll race has been added and its close to my home!! I have been wanting to do one of these events for a couple of years, now with it almost in my back yard (well about 30mins away:) I actually get to do one!! I am SUPER EXCITED about this!! And thanks to my wonderful mom I'm already signed up and officially have registered for my first race of 2013!! Thanks Mom~ Love You:))) I really don't enjoy this majorly hilly crazy course but that's ok I'll do it just for the Rock'n'Roll fact, now I just have to decide on another R'n'R event so I can get a Heavy Medal bling!

Sunday I found .16cents Monday I found 5 pennies and one yesterday, 22cents in less than a week! Told the Hubz maybe by then end of my running career (hopefully MANY MANY years from now) I might get rich! He said I better start finding more than just pennies.......I just won't share my millions with him, LOL!!

3more days until we leave for VACAY!!!! I will become a beach bum Monday and I can't wait:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIR- 2cents a mile

Monday 6/18- Run 3.54mi/37:49  Run 4.5mi/40:16
Tuesday 6/19- Run 3mi/32:10   Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 6/20- Run 4mi/36:12
Thursday 6/21- Run 4mi/36:29
Saturday 6/23- Corning Relay for Life 5k- 25:10
Sunday 6/24- Run 8mi/1:22:19

Wow that is the most I have ran in one week all year long, 30miles in one week!! And surprisingly I felt pretty good all week now I am just hoping to keep it up and add more to it:) One thing though, by the fourth day in a row of running I found myself HUNGRY ALL DAY LONG ~uggh didn't like that part of it. I think I did ok with it though by not eating a bunch of junk food I took a bag full of grapes to work with me everyday to snack on.

Monday morning Sarah and I decided it was time to get back with it and start the early AM running thing to try to beat the heat, except that I also went in the heat that afternoon as well. I did really good and kept up the early thing all week until Thursday morning......I guess I turned the alarm off instead of snooze Thursday morning and dosed back off to sleep. I opened my eyes to see the clock said 5:20am~ WHAT I'M SUPPOSE TO BEGIN RUNNING AT 5:30!!!! I jumped up straight out of bed threw my running close on, brushed my teeth, grabbed a water and drove speedy fast to town! As soon as I started running I knew I was going to have to make a pit stop so I ran to the park just in case, thank goodness I did cause it was most definitely needed ~ yep TMI I know:)

Saturday Race Day- another "Serres" race for this week and it was for a great cause Relay for Life! It was held at a local park in town that I never go to to run at, after the race I quickly remember why I don't the entire back side of it for about a mile and a half is uphill!! Guess it would be a great place to do some hill work though. It was a fairly pleasant morning but the sun was already beating down at 8am. In order to make the course 3.1 the first mile we had to loop around the parking lot, I really didn't like that at all there was several pot holes and two speed bumps, ever since I fell earlier this year I am extra cautious about stuff like that. At the start of the race I told one of my buddies that I was hoping to average an 8:15 pace and once again like usual I took off way too fast but I felt comfortable until I saw the time clock, my first mile was 7:40 too fast for me to take off at! But then we hit the path through the park and it seemed like someone turned the heat on, it got hot really quick and the seemingly like never ending hills started.

Look of concentration or just plain ole stress:/

I tried my best to just keep a nice steady pace, slow it when I needed to and hopefully save a little something for the end. I thought I was going to be able to catch the first female but when those hills started I just kept falling farther and farther behind her. I started to let it get to me a little mentally almost to the point I was going to walk a little and who cares.....but then I had a little "pep" talk with myself and said "just keep on doing your best" and that I did! I even had a little kick in the last quarter mile kicking up my pace to 7:03 and ended up with an overall pace of 8:12 hmmm a few seconds better than I predicted:) And I ended up being the 2nd overall female! (but it was a small crowd)

Sunday morning Sarah and I got up early to do our long run of 8miles once again to beat the heat. Both of us was super surprised at how great we felt during the entire run. She has been in a little bit of a running funk and said that run was exactly what she needed. I was so glad for both of us. Something a little crazy happened to me, I wore my water belt and when we stopped at the gas station for potty break I refilled my bottle with just ice knowing that it would melt and be nice and cold when we got finished. I noticed that my butt was getting fairly wet but just thought it was from my bottles sweating~WRONG I didn't have the cap on one of my bottles and the entire thing leaked onto my rear end!! I was soaked! Along the way of our 8miles this is what I found

I am a money scout while running:) On this day I made 2 cents per mile, who says it doesn't pay to run!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

A Few Friday Ramblings~ I Love that Man of Mine:)

The hubz thinks he is wanting a different vehicle, since he drives a SUV I don't blame him with the price of gas. So last night he & I went to look at a car, turned out to be not a good choice at all and I was starving so we went to get something to eat. I told him that morning of a dream I had that he told me he didn't love me anymore and was leaving me, I guess actually that is a nightmare not a dream! As we were on our way to eat he just looked at me and said "I Love You" my reply was "yea now you do" joking of course. After we ordered our food and sat down to eat he continued to say " I will always Love you, even if something should happen between us I don't think I could ever replace you." I asked him if that was a warning or something cause it was sounding like he was planning on leaving me, but he insisted he just wanted to make sure I knew that he did really and truly LOVE me. After we changed the subject and talked about other things for a while he again looked at me and said "I feel like we are on a date just like when we were younger." I swear to my goodness even after 20+ years with that man I still love him just like day one:) and I think he feels the same!

I am SO glad its finally Friday!!! This has been the longest week at work~ ugghh! And I have been on a running streak this week, I ran 5 days in a row, that's major for me! Friday is always my rest day since I usually do races on Saturdays so I was really looking forward to Friday (today) for that reason as well~ REST DAY:))

I recently shared the tragic story of Sarah Hart a runner close to my home that was murdered. They later discovered that she was 10 - 11 weeks pregnant. Today they announced the scum bag that did it will also be charged with fetal homicide along with kidnapping, robbery and murder. Still an awful tragedy but so thankful he will also be charged with fetal homicide!

Hope Everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Mezamashii Run Project

As several other bloggers have been, I received the email about the Mezamashii Run Project ! I have never worn Mizuno shoes before but I have thought about getting a pair the last two I have went shoe shopping, in fact last night while I was just browsing I picked up a pair I thought looked nice.  Any hoo the Mezamashii Run Project members are giving away shoes to test out and experience more euphoric, brilliant mezamashii running! I would LOVE to try out some of these shoes~ Wouldn't you??  

Monday, June 18, 2012

WIR- A Runner Tragedy Too Close to Home

This week in review (WIR) I am going to share the tragic story of a runner. I did not know this runner personally but this happened about 45mins from my home.

Last Thursday June 14, 2012 Sarah Hart 31yrs old mother of 3 children went for a 5:30am morning run with her sister. Sarah began to feel ill and decided to stop and head back, her sister ran back to get the vehicle to come and pick her up BUT Sarah was no where to be found! The terrible evil Christopher Allman had been following them and robbed, kidnapped and murdered poor Sarah Hart!! She did fight back best she could but could not overcome being strangled.....

Again I did not know Sarah but I wanted to share this story with fellow runners, PLEASE think about her family as am I. This is a tragedy in itself but what makes this story even more horrific......... Sarah was 10 - 11 weeks pregnant!

Although I haven't in a couple of weeks 5:30am is when I run sometimes, now with this happening I have heard several comments about why I shouldn't do it anymore. But with the heat and just wanting to that's the best time for me to run. What do you think? Would a tragedy close to home like this stop you from your routine?

I felt like this story was more worthy of telling than about me this week but here is how my week went:
Monday 6/11- Run 4.08mi/38:22
Tuesday 6/12- Step & Tone Aerobics
Wednesday 6/13- Run 5mi/43:22
Thursday 6/14- Step & Tone Aerobics   Run 2mi/21:12
Saturday 6/16- Activate America 5miler Race **Will post about that later**
Sunday 6/17- Run 3.4mi/31:18

**Click on Sarah's name to follow the link with the news story**

Thursday, June 14, 2012

3tt- Summer Virtual 5k/10k & Vacation Countdown

1. Have you seen/registered for the Summer Virtual 5k/10k yet?
If not what are you waiting for?? Looks like some great prizes are up for grabs! And who doesn't run at least a 5k on any given day??

2. Last week I told about my upcoming 5miler race and how I really want to do well. My time last year was 43:30 and I would really like to at least 42:30 this year. Last night I went on a group run with some friends and my goal was to be able to keep up with my fast friend Twila (although she doesn't think of herself as being fast right now, she really is:). I was shocked and amazed that I was able to keep up with her for 4.15mi, but she kinda tricked me. At about the half way point she told me our pace was in the low 9's which I am good with holding however a little ways later she informed we was at 8:35! WOW I could have never done that on my own! Thank You Twila for showing me I am able to run like that and maybe just maybe I will hit my mark for the race Saturday!! I also hope to get in a couple of runs a week with her to help me get a little faster on my 5k's:)

3. I have been putting the countdown off but I think its now family and I will be going on our first family beach vacation in 16 days:))) We are going to Panama City Beach, FL! The hubz and I have been to Myrtle Beach and Cancun Mexico but our girls never went with us so this will be their first beach experience, bet you couldn't guess that they are SUPER EXCITED as well as I am:) Although my youngest daughter has told me we will be on vacation and I shouldn't be running since it IS vacation, I'm looking for a 4th of July 5k to do while there. Can anyone HELP ME OUT??? PS- I told her there is no vacation from running:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winner Wednesday- Race Kred Winner

The winner of this awesome Shoe Swag 

Provided by

Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile

Email me to confirm your mailing address so I can get it to ya:)

Thanks to all that entered! And THANK YOU Race-Kred for featuring me in the newsletter and doing the giveaway:)

Monday, June 11, 2012

WIR- Run for the Brass 5k

Tuesday 6/5- A.M. Run 4mi/35:46  P.M. Run 4mi/38:08
Wednesday 6/6- A.M. Run 3mi/28:45
Thursday 6/7- P.M. Run 4mi/35:15
Saturday 6/9- Run for the Brass 5k 24:30
Sunday 6/10-  Run 6.2mi/1:06:08

This week I decided to skip out on aerobics and not too sure why?! Tuesday night I was all set and ready to go but when I pulled in the parking lot of the gym my hubz was waiting and said "wanna go run instead?" He wasn't feeling like going in and doing his lifting "junk" that he does and wanted to run instead, so I gave in and went to run with him. The only thing I didn't like about it was I wasn't prepared, I didn't have my proper running shoes, clothes or trusty Garmin! I really dislike not having my Garmin let alone my shoes and such, the Hubz fussed at me and said "You DON'T ALWAYS NEED that watch!" but what does he know??!! So I made us go on a regular route that I  knew the distance was 4mi and we used his watch for the time:)
Thursday night should have been another aerobic night but since I had already skipped Tuesday I thought what the heck and I wanted to get in a good practice run at the park where the 5k was for the weekend! Once we took off I just wasn't really feeling it I felt heavy, legs felt heavy, side stitches, arms felt heavy all this was playing with my mind. Even though I think I NEED my Garmin I rarely look at my pace because it messes with my mind if I "think" I'm going too fast, to my surprise even though I wasn't "feeling it" we did 4mi with an 8:48 pace after work at the park which I don't enjoy running at!! So yea I was pretty happy with it!

Saturday morning race morning~ Run for the Brass 5k. This is usually a larger "Serres" race as there is several out of town people for the Brass Band Festival which attend the 5k. When I left the house I told the Hubz that I was hoping for at least 25:15 and not going out all fast to hopefully have a faster finish than start. I told all of my "runner peeps" the same:) Sure enough there was a large crowd and I knew I was probably too far back and should have moved up a little but I got to talking with everyone around me and it was time to GO so I did some weaving which I also dislike.
Me & Sarah before the race
Me & Todd before the weaving of the crowd!
Unfortunately I did get caught up in the fast take off but I was able to hold it for about a mile and a half until I hit the big hill! I was running with Todd and told him "I already know this hill is going to slow me down, see ya at the finish!" and sure enough that was the case I was still close enough I could see him but then we hit the other long steady hill and I slowed down again. I tried my best to reserve some energy on the hills so I could pick it up on the straights and the finish. When I made the last curve to the finish and saw the clock I was surprised at what it said and kicked it the best I could and finished in 24:30! and was 2nd in my age group:) Almost one whole minute better than I thought I could do and it was like a minute and a half PR at the park for me ~Hooray!!
Baylee(my youngest daughter) & Me

Sunday morning me and Sarah had planned on doing a long run. She hasn't done one in a long time and my 10mi last week was my first one in a while, we had hopes of doing 10mi even if it was super slow. We started out ok but quickly decided to cut it to 6mi and play it safe, I was tired, it was humid and I was just ready to be done. I went straight home drank a glass of chocolate milk and went right back to bed and slept until 12:30pm!! Yep I was tired:)

When/ How do you decide to cut a run short? When your just not feeling it, Feeling tired, or just plain Hot? 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

3TT- Slow Days & Running Bling

1. Ugghh! Today is a terribly slow day at work! Don't get me wrong I enjoy a slow day so I can get caught up on blog reading, lol BUT it makes for such a long day. I work at our local DMV with vehicle licensing so we depend on customers coming in in order to be busy or not. Summer time is the worst for being slow! Which makes you look outside at how pretty it is and wish I was out there enjoying it. However I am VERY thankful to have such a great job:)

2. I LOVE race medals (Bling), I mean really who doesn't! I tend to look for close half marathons and such that have cool/awesome medals, whatever motivation it takes right? HA! I have already signed up for this fall half because it is local, they had cool bling last year and I really enjoyed it. Today they released a photo of this years Bling and I can't wait to get it

Isn't it just AWESOME!!

3. If you read my blog often then you already know I enjoy running series. I am currently hoping to complete two series one of which is the Frankfort Trifecta Series. The third and final race is coming up next week which is a 5miler. Also today on facebook they showed the current standings after the first two races and I am in 4th place in the Open Womens Division (Ages 18- 39)!! Last year I was 3rd and am hoping after the 5miler I can move up to 3rd again so I can get more race bling!! I am two minutes behind for third place so I think I will have to do really well at the 5miler to pull it off. Looks like I will be doing some 5milers for the next week and a half:)

Enjoy your Day!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Curious- What Would You Do If........

I am in NEED of some helpful thoughts/hints/comments whatever you want to call it.

What would you do if yours (and several others) results were published wrong from your local 5k?

Maybe I am being a baby and/or pain about this BUT I am disappointed when I try so hard and take great pride in my results to see the wrong thing published in my local newspaper and web site that my family and friends keep up with me on!

I know some of the race directors personally so I am trying not to upset anyone or anything but I did post on their facebook page about the results being wrong. Their first response was to blame the newspaper so I left a comment on the papers site asking them who was wrong, the one I know personally responded with this:

Bobbie. As we explained in our post on the Lions Club's Facebook page, we deliver the race bibs in order along with the split time print-out from the official race computer to the A-M immediately following the race. While we obviously try to avoid any errors, we struggle to keep people in proper finishing order in the shoot, to actually tear off their bibs, and to not come through the shoot 2 or 3 times with friends or family. The A-M has the difficult task of reading the writing of the participant's names on the bibs, as well as creating a time sheet 230+ lines long. Not to make excuses, but it's not as easy as it looks for either of us and this is the perfect example of why larger, more competitive events incorporate GPS tracking systems. At the end of the day, the race is organized and managed entirely by Harrodsburg Likns Club members, not track and field coaches, and we try our best to provide a fun event for everyone. The funds raised by this and our previous 5K events have provided thousands of dollars of aid and assistance to the Harrodsburg community, and that's the big story here. Once again, I hope you accept our sincerest apologies and trust in the fact they were unintentional and we will try out Brest to avoid them in our future events!

**I copied this directly from their comment! Not my typo's**

PLEASE don't get me wrong I am VERY THANKFUL these events have provided aid and assistance to my community and I have never ran/organized a 5k myself or know the ins and outs of doing so BUT I don't understand why so many results were wrong between numbers 22- 35 including mine! In fact the 5k coming up this weekend has almost twice as many entries and have never to my knowledge have such a problem and they come up with the results the same way!
I was advised on the facebook page in which they have published pictures that show the proper finishes that the times would be and had been corrected before they was sent to any other sites that list the results HOWEVER as I was searching them today the same WRONG results were published!! Looks like one of my favorite "Serres" races is quickly becoming one of my least favorites:(
So How would you handle this? Drop it and let it go or try to get it corrected?? Tell me what you think!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

WIR- Getting my Groove Back

Here's what Daily Mile had to say about my training last week:
   Hey Bobbie, Stellar training last week!

Love it when I get that message on my weekly report, really makes me feel like a "runner"!! LOL!! If you are on Daily Mile be sure to Friend Me if you aren't already:)

Wednesday 5/30- A.M.Run 3mi/34:11    P.M. Run 4mi/37:35
Thursday 5/31- A.M. Run 3mi/31:31  Step &Tone Aerobics  P.M. Run 2mi/???
Saturday 6/2- Beef Festival 5k Stampede 24:12
Sunday 6/3- Run 10mi/1:36:31

My friend Sarah and I decided we was going to get our act together this week and get back to the early a.m. run thing, well it didn't kick in until Wednesday~ Ha! It has just been so dang hot in the afternoons the only time running is half way enjoyable is in the mornings except that is has finally cooled back down to normal temps. And what the heck got into me with doing double runs?? Not too sure but I hope I can keep them up at least a couple times a week. Wednesday I was still feeling fresh and it was nice outside so I asked the hubz to go run that evening. We rewarded ourselves with Orange Leaf afterwards:) LOVE that stuff which is another reason I probably need to keep up the double runs! Thursday after aerobics he convinced me to go run a lap (2mi) around the park, at first I refused telling him I was tired and my legs was tired but the more he asked I finally said "OK But I will be slow and maybe walk some!" Well I was slow alright but didn't walk any and more than likely wasn't as slow as I thought (didn't have the Garmin). Two runs with the hubz in one week~ LOVE IT!! Thank GOODNESS for rest day Friday:) I was really ready for it!

Saturday morning was one of my favorite "Serres" 5k's of all time, it was where it all started for me becoming a runner in 2009, the Beef Festival 5k Stampede in my hometown! They only give awards to the top 3overall male/females so I researched the times from last year to see if I had any chance. It was a nice cool morning and I woke up feeling like I DID have a chance and maybe had a new PR of 23something in me:)
The course is really not the easiest of courses, it is out and back, the out is pretty much uphill the entire way which means you have a nice steady downhill coming back but there is a couple of slight uphills also coming back. The finish is about .25 of all downhill great for really kicking it in! I decided to try and play it a little smarter and not go all out to start with so I wouldn't be dead and just coasting on the downhill, for once I had negative splits:)) My pacing buddy Kelly wasn't there but my other friends that I ran the 10k with was, I stayed behind them so I knew I wasn't going out too fast and my legs was feeling a bit tired. There was 2 females ahead of us and one of my friends made the 3rd, then a young girl came roaring past us like it was nothing but we quickly passed another which put us back at the 3rd and 4th (me) position. My plan was to stay close enough to the 3rd place and use that downhill finish to sprint into the 3rd female position. Well my buddy Jenna got her sprint sooner and there was no way I was going to catch her, but I still gave it all I had and finished as 4th overall female, still pretty awesome in my opinion with a time of 24:12. Dang didn't get my 23 something but I was pretty darn close:)

Can you tell I was giving it my all?

Sunday morning it was still cool out and knew it was great weather for a nice long run. Once again I didn't really care what my pace was just get out there and run! Thankfully I was able to get in 10mi and at a fairly good pace (9:38 overall). I felt like that was the best long run I've had in a long time, comfortable and relaxed and wanting to just run, I only stopped once for a water break and once at a stoplight for a water break~ Yay me! I think I am going to start making that my minimum of 10mi on my Sunday long runs anything above that will just be awesome!! My next distance race is going to be the Women's Half in Indianapolis on September 1, so if I focus on mastering the 10miles I should have a pretty decent half!

Hope Everyone had a Great Week!! Here's to the start of another one!!