Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2/3 Failure + 1/3 Successful = Not too Successful w/Goals

Umm yea, so at the beginning of April I posted about 3 Goals I was setting for myself in April. WELL....I really don't like goals, for some reason I am not to successful with them so let's see here How terrible Did I do?

I did go back to aerobics BUT I didn't make it the entire month twice a week:( Excuses excuses I know but they started doing a class called RIPPED on Tuesday nights. Don't get me wrong I really like and enjoy the class but its a lot of jumping and up & down and my knee started hurting as well as my shin. With a half at the end of the month I really didn't want to take my chances!

Weight Loss?? NOPE!! Well maybe one pound but basically nothing at least I didn't gain! I know my problem is choices! I have a terrible LOVE of sweets, I NEED them every day & every night!!

To NOT be a complete loser I was DETERMINED to get the 90 miles in!! The first two weeks of the month I stayed right on track third & fourth I started slacking off! Thankfully I took a couple of vacation days and had some "free" time to run. In order to complete it I had to run 9.5 miles today !! I just ran a half on Saturday (recap coming up:)!!

For good measure I rounded up and did 10mi, not gonna lie it was tough, slow, lots of walking BUT I DID IT!!

Now it's time to think about May!!?? 
How was your April?? How do you handle NOT reaching your Goals? 

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Suz and Allan said...

Congrats on hitting your mileage goal for the month!