Friday, August 9, 2013

Introducing........... well Sort Of


Yep I already had the classic running name of Miles picked out! (Such a good guess Madison @ Running Shoes and Sunshine!!) He had to be neutered so we picked him up directly from the vet's office. They all seemed to really like him there and commented on how much energy he had. I told them our plans of getting him to run with us, they said as active as he is that shouldn't be a problem, lol!

Currently we have two inside cats (one is 16 yrs old and the other is 3) and an outside dog that is 14, so the majority of our pets are senior citizens and we have been actively talking about getting another dog. Our poor outside dog is a gentle giant he has been attacked and almost killed by other dogs so many times its not even funny and  most days he can't get up and down easily or see/hear us very well, I wasn't worried about him not getting along with a new dog AT ALL! And since we didn't know if Miles liked cats or not we wasn't sure about taking him in the house. Bless his heart, he is way too thin for his age/size he was nervous around our dog and kept getting out of our fence, we chased him around the neighborhood half the night until we decided to just bring him in. He was ok with the cats but the cats didn't like him too well. 

The next day our crazy old cat Jazz thought that Miles was hurting me as I was hooking up his leash to take him out and went Kung Fu on him!! It was almost like a scene from a horror movie although after it was all over is was a little comical! Then later on in the evening after Gerard came home from work he was sitting outside on his cell phone (NOT paying attention to the dogs!!!) and the worst thing happened.....
Our dog attacked Miles, it was terrible, it was awful, it was SCARY!!! At one point we thought we was going to have to hurt our dog (really bad) to get him off of Miles:( I felt AWFUL for the poor little guy and very ashamed of our dog! But at the same time I couldn't be extremely mad at him, he was doing his job as a protector. He knew he was wrong and wouldn't come around us for a few days after.

So we took Miles to my Papaw's house temporary until we could find him a great home or take him back :( BUT the greatest thing that could have ever happened did.......Papaw fell in LOVE with Miles!! And my wonderful awesome Mother (who papaw lives with sorta) agreed to let him stay!!
Although he is now considered papaw's dog, he is still in our family and will still be our running dog when his leg heals!!

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