Friday, August 2, 2013

This Mornings Run was an Adventure

We have a small group of people that meet 2 -3 days a week for early morning runs. With the crazy summer time heat we've had and just the thoughts of being able to get it "done" for the day 5am runs works best for me and most of my friends, although Gerard (the Hubs) doesn't really like getting up that early he still does it :) (Yep I may be a little spoiled :)

Anyway last Thursday was a  lovely cool morning, I woke up with a belly ache but it didn't stop me from going, our route includes a few spots available for a bathroom if needed~THANK GOODNESS!! And we go out and back. On the way back as usual I was cautious at the light, I could tell the car coming up on the side to make a right turn probably wasn't going to stop! I told Jenna watch out for that car so she went across the road pretty fast. But I stopped thankfully because I would have been flattened to the ground!! Let's just say I said a few nice words to that lovely lady as she almost ran me over :/

Then less than a couple of minutes after that we came upon a stray dog that had broken his chain that he was dragging along with him. Gerard the one that ALWAYS turns his back on "stuff" like that was the first one to stop grab his chain and say "Awww we can't leave him to get hit, what should we do?" I was in shock at his reaction! Thankfully we was right across the street from the Fire Department who directed us back across the street to the Police Dept. After SEVERAL minutes of waiting and waiting an Officer finally arrived took the dog and said he would get him to animal control /Humane Society. Well by the time we got home and I got out of the shower Gerard was on the phone with the Humane Society asking all about the dog. Again I was in SHOCK!

Today one week later I had to schedule going into work late for this:
Not sure if you can read it but it says "Dear Pet Adopter: Hooray for you! A special thank you for adopting a pet today......." YEP we went and adopted him:) Stay tuned for a picture as soon as we get to bring him home!

I have a "running" name picked out for him but I wanna know..........

What "Running" type name would YOU name your new running dog??


Madison said...

The classic--- Miles.

Suz and Allan said...

Aww congrats on the new addition to the family!

Not sure what running type name I'd pick.