Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Iron Horse Half Marathon- 3rd Time wasn't a Charm

Sunday October 13, 2013 Gerard & I (and a few friends) ran our 3rd half this year and the first of my 4 fall halfs! The Iron Horse is held in the lovely beautiful town of Midway, KY. This half isn't the easiest as it is a very rolling course, in fact here is what the web site says "The course is typical rolling Bluegrass countryside".

This is also my 3rd year running the Iron Horse, even though it is a challenging course I enjoy this race and the challenge of it! The first two years I was oh so close to 1:59 I sorta thought it might happen for me this year but race day came way before I was "trained" and ready for a 1:59! But I was ok with that I had already come to terms with "whatever happens happens" and that's it! Gerard said he was going to stay with me but I told him not to worry about me and run his own race........

Miles 1 - 4 - 9:35; 9:09; 9:08; 9:14
 I was told in the past that they reversed the course each year and I was looking forward to that, I was pretty disappointed when it went out the same as last year. I really didn't feel too bad and the weather was perfect it was a cool 40*ish and sunny! Midway is a very small little town so they cap this off at 1500 runners and the famous Jeff Galloway has been there and run it the last two years! I however have never seen him there but I thought my mom said she did this year. Miles 2 and 3 were perfect as far as pace and just over all. The course is pretty neat actually, you start in the center of town go out to the left almost 4mi turn around and keep going out the other direction of town about 4mi to turn around back to starting point.  I had to go pee from the start (even though I went!!) but I was hoping I would sweat it out or hold it as long as I could.
I like this one from the start, it almost looks like our arms are interlocked~sweet!

Miles 5 - 8- 9:48; 11:04; 9:49; 10:00
Gerard was still right with me even when I had to walk a few steps right before mile 5. This half of the course has more of the rolling type of hills or up & over type hills. I decided to go ahead and stop for potty break during mile 6 which was also a water/sports drink stop. With the sinus drainage I was having I was thirsty! I got 2 waters (they were little Styrofoam cups that was only about half full) and a sports drink which I usually don't do until towards the end just in case of stomach issues. When we crossed the half way point the time was around 1:03 I knew 1:59 was out of the question but I could still hit my secret A goal I had in mind 2:05-2:10. And then by mile 7 I knew I was in trouble BIG trouble! My stomach was hurting and I'm sure it was from that dang sports drink I don't even know what kind it was but again I drank it way to early.
My Superman:) Love his silly self so much! That's me tucked in behind him Half Way Point

Miles 9 - 12- 11:44; 10:14; 11:32; 11:39
The hills on this half of the course in my opinion are the hardest, they are longer more like a mile long or longer with not as much down hill. By mile 8½-9 I was pretty much done I told Gerard he was just going to have to go on and not worry about me. He told me to come on a couple of times until he said I was starting to get hateful with him that's when he left me LOL! Then I started thinking really the longest training run we did was 8-9 miles, yes I know that is enough for some people but not for me I need those 10 - 12 milers to feel more comfortable and ready for a half. There was an older than me gentleman in front of me that had a good slower pace going so I tried my best to pace it with him, I was beside him for a while and talked to him he said it was his first time running this half and how brutal the hills was. I told him it was my 3rd year running it and my slowest by a lot his response "Why? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have to much shit going on in your life or something?" Ok that was a little strange coming from someone who doesn't know me nor has ever meet me before! Mile 12  and 13 are almost completely uphill and by far the hardest!

Almost finished

Mile 13- .12- 12:22; 9:42
Oh my goodness was this thing ever going to be over! The sun had come out it was getting warm, my hamstrings were hurting I was ready to be DONE! There was a younger girl in a purple tank top that I had seen around me just about the entire time she was walking so I pushed myself to get to her and walk with her and talk with her a little might as well make some friends out there right?? It was her first half ever and she admitted she wasn't ready for the hills either. I tried to coach us along to the finish by running ¼ mile then walking ¼ mile until we finished. And that is pretty much what we did! I felt honored to finish right beside her:)
That deserves a High Five for sure!


This was also my newest running buddy/friend's first half ever (that I talked her into LOL!) as well. I by no means am a running coach or coach of any kind but I am so SUPER impressed and PROUD of her she did REALLY AWESOME!!

She might just be a little proud of herself! She should be!!

And it was an AWESOME day for my best friend/running buddy Sheri, the one I began and have shared many of my running experiences with:)
She finished in 1:59:34!! Yay Sheri GREAT JOB!!


Courtney said...

what an odd response from that guy! great job on another half, i hope to do this one sometime!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

they can't all be faster than the last one :) Great job helping your new running buddy finish.

Suz and Allan said...

Sorry you didn't hit the time goals you were shooting for but it sounds like you made a new friend along the way and I'm sure she's grateful for all the help you provided to her on the way to the finish.

Just Jen said...

Great job and awesome on you helping a runner friend!

kelsnsher said...

Hello fellow SPA sister! I was amazed to only see the 2 of us reppin KY, pressure lol....Great job on your 3rd Half! I ran my very first last Spring and also had a few strangers encourage me through some tough hills/miles. That is why I love the running community so much :D

Sherry Peavler said...

Definitely enjoy your coaching and friendship!!! Very encouraging!!