Friday, October 11, 2013

Tips on Training a Dog to Run??

So a couple of months ago I posted about our new dog Miles that actually ended up having to be my Papaws dog but I still take him to run:) I typically try to take him at least once a week. The first couple of miles are the worst! He wants to take off like a maniac super fast,  goes from side to side and likes to stop and tinkle on every bush sign or pole we see! But after that its great, he slows down to whatever pace I want to be at, doesn't stop as much and will typically stay on one side.

This  is from our first run together
 I have decided there are several pros and cons on running with a dog.

*Great Running Buddy that's always ready to go for a run
*He is going to make me faster even if I like it or not (LOL)
*Good for running uphill as he "pulls" me along
*Great quality time together
*Much needed exercise for BOTH of us

*Criss Crossing in front of me- We have almost had several falls from this but none yet thankfully!
Last night I almost lost my pinkie due to a squirrel sighting but I blame myself for having the leash around my little finger.

The first couple of times I ran with him I just used his regular collar and leash but now we have a harness, that was the best $25 spent! Running with him has been much easier and enjoyable since we got the harness and it helps my Papaw walking him as well.

Do any of you run with your dog(s)? If so I would like to hear some training tips!! How do you teach them to stay on one side of you and not criss cross back and forward?  How do you keep there pace under control and adjustable to your pace? What is the best kind of leash and/or harness to use?

Tomorrow my "newest" running friend, her 3 year old daughter and I will be running the
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 Whoo Hoo! Look out fun Here we come!!


One Crazy Penguin said...

They have special no pull harnesses and things like the gentle leader. They are freaking amazing! Check them out. Also, it helps to have them run on the side of your body that's away from the grass. Less sniffing and no criss crossing!

Suz and Allan said...

I run with both Lucky and Sasha, sometimes separate and sometimes on a tandem leash. I have always kept them on my right side whether together or separate. It takes a little while at the start of any run to get them focused but I think part of it is because they are so excited. If we play in the backyard first they seem to calm down on a run sooner. Just be consistent and you'll be fine!