Monday, December 16, 2013

Energybits- Have you tried them? Want to?

A while back I won a sample of energybits from Marcia's Healthy Slice being the nice and wonderful wife that I am (hee hee but really I am:) I was kind enough to share some with my husband so I also received a sample from Jonathan from energybits.

I have to admit I am a huge skeptic when it comes to energy products, basically I don't believe anything really works until I see differently myself! And when I received my ''bits' my first thought was "Ewww they're green and smelly!"

Cute Tin the bits come in!

 There are several different ways you can take the bits but after reading over all the information I decided that swallowing them whole was my best option! The recommended serving size is 20-30 bits and you can take them  as many times a day you want they are made out of algae! (Guess that's why they are green huh??!! LOL) According to the site the founder takes 100- 150 bits a day!

I'm not a fan of taking pills of any kind so the thought of taking 30 bits kinda scared me. So instead I cut in half and took 15
This is 15 bits!
and since I have tummy issues while running I decided to try these out on a work day first. So with all of my crazy issues I started taking my 15 bits while getting ready for work one morning and I took them with my morning coffee (extra shot of energy:). By the time I got to work about 30 mins later I could actually tell a difference! I actually had more energy than normal and didn't have my usual sleepy head feeling all day long and the "extra energy" I had lasted all day long! It wasn't until the end of the day that I started yawning ~ guess that meant it was time for some more 'bits'! Needless to say this skeptic was proven wrong!

Here are a couple of info charts from energybits:

The only somewhat negative thing I can say about energybits is the cost. The only option I could find to purchase on the energybits site was for a bag of 1000 bits for $115 which is a lot to spend at one time for me anyway. But would make an EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!

How about winning a Sample tin of bits for yourself??

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Cecil Vermule said...

I've used Clif Shot Bloks and Gu as well.

Marcia TooCuteRunner said...

Gummy Bears!

socalpavement said...

I use Herbalife Total Control