Sunday, February 24, 2013

What I've Been Up Too- My January

Once again my blogging has taken a nose dive (I wonder how many of my posts include or start out with the words 'once again'). I feel like I have been at a loss for words and when I do get ready to make  a post I feel like its a constant whine of how slow I am or how I just can't get back to where I was. Well I am still there in that same spot so guess that's the only thing I can write about......But here's a quick catch up! (Who waits until the end of February to write about January??)

*On New Year's Day which is also the hubs and I anniversary we decided to run a 5 mile Resolution Run. What better way to spend your anniversary than running a race together:) I was in no way ready at that time to be running a race let alone a 5 mile race! I was able to stay with the hubs for about a mile and a half then I started falling behind. I walked but not as much as I thought I would have to and some how I pulled off a 46:52 and 3rd in my age group! WOW I was surprised! Hoping that's a sign of good things to come for me this year but time will tell.

*One of my favorite compression socks, CEP was and I think still is for a few more days have a pair a day giveaway on Facebook. I entered one afternoon right before I left work, the next morning I had an email and a few days later I received 
Yep I won!! Another sign  of good things to come for me??

*The end of January the hubs and I ran a 2mi race on a chilly Sunday afternoon
This was a planned race and I really had intentions of "training" a couple of good 2mi runs, did I? Of course not. Thankfully it was a really flat course but it made several turns. I could see the hubs ahead for most of the race until towards the end. I was VERY HAPPY with my finish of 15:52 and
3rd place once again!

*January was fairly good to me. I had some good runs, two good races and lost 4lbs! February hasn't been as nice but I will catch up on that next post!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Guest Post- What You Need To Know Before Running

Since I can't seem to get my act together and manage my time better, I am sharing a guest post today! Hopefully I will write my own post later today??!!

Anyway here is a guest post from Matthew Kyle with Altra. I have no experience with Altra Shoes but I would LOVE to try some out one day!

Here is the post, hope you ENJOY it!!

 What You Need To Know Before Running

There are a lot of reasons as to why exercise does not appeal to many. Some are afraid of the pain or discomfort they expect their muscles to feel, while many others are put off by the adjustments they have to make to their inactive, unhealthy lifestyles. I remember the day I decided to make the switch to an active lifestyle. I started doing simple aerobic dance routines in the gym, coupled with a lot of stretching before and after. As I engaged in those activities, I still felt like there was so much unused energy in me. I began using the treadmill, for 20 to 30 minutes a day. When I felt I had enough strength and stamina, I started running outdoors. Running has since become my favorite sport, and now I even consider it as a recreational activity! If running interests you too, there are certain things you should know before you begin. 

Proper Running Shoes
The first thing you should get for yourself when you decide to run, be it indoors or outdoors, is a good pair of running shoes. You cannot run properly without good shoes. If you wear the wrong pair, you will end up in pain for sure. In getting new running shoes, you should first know about footstrike. It is the initial center of pressure on your foot as it hits the ground. Think of it as something similar to your walking gait. There is a certain footstrike that is best for running, and your shoes must support this by absorbing the impact. I use ALTRA Zero Drop footwear most of time because it fits me perfectly and the pair I own is suitable for any kind of terrain. It’s also a good idea to have more than one pair of running shoes, so that the wear and tear for each can be minimized. Some opt for minimalist running shoes or barefoot shoes, but it really depends your comfort level and what your goal in running is. Do not hesitate to splurge a little on your running shoes, because a high-quality shoe will do what it’s supposed to, which is to effectively reduce the impact on your feet so you won’t experience any pain or injury. 

Correct Running Posture
Correct posture isn’t just for standing or walking. When you have the correct running posture, you greatly reduce strain and free tension from the neck and your shoulders. This would lessen the chances of getting fatigued early on. In running, the placement of your hands and arms are important. You can use the force from your arms to propel yourself, thus, increasing your running speed. You should also keep your wrists loose to avoid tension. I keep my arms swinging from the shoulders - almost like pumping them from the front to back. I like to keep them away from my torso and abdominal area. I should add that you must keep your head upright in the middle of your shoulders. If you lean your head too forward or if you keep on looking down, your neck muscles may experience strain and fatigue. Lastly, be conscious of your spine. Keep your back straight while running. Having the correct running posture will make you run faster and farther. 

As I said, some people have a lot of reasons not to run; on the contrary, I have many reasons to do so. I run for recreation and for my fitness goals. I find running exciting and exhilarating. Running has helped me in many ways. You can learn more about it in this website.

About the Author
Adeline is a writer for Altra Zero Drop, and writes about running shoes and running in general.

“Current Sports Medicine Reports”; Barefoot Running Biomechanics and Implications; Allison Altman & Irene S. Davis; September/October 2012 [

Podiatry Arena:  Variation in Foot Strike Patterns during Running among Habitually Barefoot Populations;

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SweetHeart Gift Ideas- Running Princess

Are you a Running Princess?  Ummm.......HELLO OF COURSE YOU ARE!! We all are, well except for the male runners LOL!! Back in the Spring early Summer (2012) one of my "runner" friends showed up at a race wearing (in my opinion) the coolest/neatest shirt ever, I knew right away I HAD to look into it!! So I contacted Running Princess to see about doing a review and Debbie thankfully agreed! 

Not only does Running Princess have the AWESOME shirt shown above (also available in White:) but they also have  awesome visors, other shirt/tank options, some super cute charms and shorts! Unfortunately I'm paying for my 2013 races at this moment BUT I am also saving up to make a purchase soon from Running Princess!!

Look at how focused and determined I am
It's the Running Princess shirt:)

The only one thing I can say I don't like about the shirt is that it is short waisted. I am not a skinny person by no means so I will shy away from short shirts. Other than that I can't complain at all! I love the saying on this shirt so much that when I wear it I honestly have a feeling of "I can do THIS" whatever "this" thing is I may be trying for that day!

So gentlemen if your looking for a great gift for running sweetheart
Ladies looking to leave some hints or just simply want to be SURE to check out RUNNING PRINCESS for some AWESOME Valentine Day gifts or any kind of gifts!!