Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolution Run 5k

Me & Jenica
Don't you just love a new year and a fresh new start to everything?! Last minute decision I decided to run a 5k this past Saturday I didn't run a couple of days this week due to the yucky weather so I knew running a race would make me run!
My last couple of races I have done so much better than the beginning of 2013, Gerard says its because I'm trying harder and putting effort in, not sure that's it or what but I am in a much better mind set.  I wasn't looking to set any records but I was hoping for a great run. I thought it was going to be a little warmer than it had been especially since the race was at 1pm, it was warmer but the wind was fierce and made it seem really COLD I couldn't decide if I wanted to leave my jacket on or off until the wind came straight at me which made me leave it on! This course is actually a really good course it has a little bit of everything downhill flat but you do finish uphill :( I'm trying really hard to not go out all crazy fast this year and build my speed up as I go along, with this being a small race (only 63 runners/walkers) I pretty much blew that up in the first mile! There was only a couple of people I knew there and I tried staying with one at the start about a mile in she said to me "I really need to slow down, I'm winded!" I agreed but I did my best to stay right with or behind her until the turn around. Its uphill leading up to the turn around so I eased back to try to reserve some energy for the finishing hill so I let her get about 20 seconds ahead of me. Although I wanted to walk (in my mind of course) I forced myself to just keep going and I caught back up to her, she heard me come up and said "oh Bobbie I'm struggling here you go on girl!" we was still about a half mile from the finish and still had the bigger uphill to finish on so I just keep going at my slower pace. I did have to stop for a few steps once I got to the top of the hill to clear my throat (dang snot!!) but I wasn't going to let her pass me again so I gave it all I had left to finish.
Mile 1- 8:21
Mile 2- 8:57
Mile 3- 9:00
Mile .08- .37

Overall Average- 8:45
Finish Time- 26:55
1st in my Age Group!!

How's the weather in YOUR neck of the woods? It's a frigid 2° in Kentucky with the wind chill making it feel like -17°!! That's COLD!! And supposed to get worse as the day/night goes along!

Do YOU still run outside in this kind of cold? Or take it indoors? What is YOUR cut off temp for outside running? Hubs would have a fit if I went out to run but I sure would bundle up and go LOL!! I totally despise a dreadmill (great job to all those that do!!) so I'm thinking a couple of days rest is in my future today and tomorrow:)

Happy Running:)


Darlene said...

same weather in NY - COLD!!

Sherry Peavler said...

Miss seeing my running friends. Ready for warmer weather for sure!!