Monday, January 27, 2014

RTB Training- Failure and a Race Report

Training was pretty much a bust this week. I guess not completely and not really a failure just not complete. I should have had a total of 25 miles this week and well I ended up with 12! Tuesday morning was a run as usual,  I had checked the radar the night before and it said 100% chance of snow flurries at 5am I was very hopeful we was going to be running in the snow. However it decided to wait until it was time to go to work instead but it really came down for my neck of the woods, I think on that day we had about 3 inches of snow and then it turned back into the frigid polar air with negative temps. Gerard told me if I ran I would end up in the hospital, I thought this was quite humorous but out of respect for him I didn't run for the next 3 days I was beginning to go out of my mind!

Then came Saturday, the day I planned on doing my 10 mile long run. I knew there was a chance of snow, I knew it was going to be crazy windy again I was hoping to be able to run while it was snowing. All of that happened EXCEPT..............
Looking out my front door.
when it started snowing it SNOWED! Once again we got about 3 inches but under the snow on the roads was a thin layer of ice. Gerard had to go to work he knew I was planning on going to run so I received a text that said "Don't try to leave!" Our neighborhood is extremely hilly so I knew he had a hard time getting out. All I could think is well there goes the long run :( Around 9:30 am the snow was ending and I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a friend post that he had ran in the blizzard snow. The sun had came out and I went out and checked our road, there was a clear path down the center and I thought "I'm lacing up and going around the 'hood! If Mark can run in the blizzard I can run around here!" It may not have been my long run but it was half of it and it was a nice hill work out, I considered going a little further but it got boring going up and down the same way as half the area was still covered(some spots I had to walk through for safety!) and the 20+ mph wind was wearing me out along with the hills.
Some views around my 'hood!

Sunday Gerard and I ran the Snowball Express 2 mile race. The weather was perfect not sure why I didn't think about going out and running a little before the race since it didn't start until 2:30 pm but the thought never crossed my mind?? Maybe because I was really hopeful for an awesome 2 mile run!! It was sunny and 45° most of the snow had melted but it was still pretty windy. Due to some of the side streets still being snowy & icy they changed the course to an out & back rather than a loop around, I remember it being fairly flat last year so that's why I was hopeful for an awesome 2 miles. This race was held in Broadhead, Ky which is a very small tiny town but it is part of the Rockcastle County Regional Hospital County-Wide Strides series, a series that I try to participate in. The school parking lot where we started was still a little icy so I didn't feel comfortable until we hit the road which was just a very short piece. I thought I was ready but I felt stiff and not ready at all I tried to judge how well I was by if I could see Gerard or not I could but I felt like it was a struggle with every step. When we hit a small down hill I went for long strides to make up some ground then I started thinking "Hmm this is an out & back course we are going to be coming back up this hill!" I was getting closer and closer to Gerard. Then a pretty good uphill came and that's where I caught up to him we made the turn around and it seemed like we was at that hill going up again. I wimped out and took a couple of walking steps I just felt like I couldn't catch my breath. I could still see Gerard I just couldn't catch back up to him. My friends and I in the morning crew have been talking about doing speed work this race proved to me I need to work on something that's for sure!

Mile 1- 8:02                   
Mile 2- 8:19

Overall Average- 8:20
Finish Time- 16:21
2nd in Age Group:)        

What are YOU training for?

Run Happy :)

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One Crazy Penguin said...

Woohoo second place in AG! That's awesome :)

The weather has been screwing up my runs as well. Is it spring yet?