Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Things Thursday- Have you Thawed Out yet?

1. I think (and HOPE) my neck of the woods is done with the #PolarVortex !! Man that was the coldest I've ever seen it~What about you? I LOVE snow but unfortunately we didn't get much snow out of it all like less than an inch however since it was -22° we did get a 2 hour delay for work two days in a row!! Except on the second day I choose not to go into work it was just too darn cold to get out LOL!

2. I was worried to death about our dear ole' dog during the extreme cold, he is a 14 year old Rottweiler that some days he acts like a young spry happy go lucky and then some days he shows his age and looks like Eeyore walking around the yard. I tried really hard to get him to come into the house but he wouldn't make a move towards coming in so I made him a nice bed of blankets in the garage, when I came home from work he was laying outside next to the porch and FREEZING! He was shivering so bad even his eyeballs were shivering! It broke my heart and I took action! The problem is his legs, he's old and they hurt so he can't get up the steps very well even though there is only 2 or 3 steps. So when I got home I worked and worked with him until it finally dawned on me he can get up the front steps we never use our front door so I wasn't thinking. Sure enough it took a couple of tries but I finally got him in~ Shewww that made me feel so much better I just knew if I didn't get him in the house he would sit out there in the cold and die! Even though he has out lived his life expectancy by 4 years its still a hard concept to swallow!
Hello! I'm Brewser

This was a few months ago:)

3. Please be thinking about my newest running friend Sherry. Her Grandmother passed away on Christmas Day and now her Dad is in the hospital! She lives about 2½ hours away from them so its kinda hard on her right now. She is very strong willed and a very positive type of person so she is staying strong right now but I'm sure all of this will catch up to her, have no fear though with a friend like ME(LOL!!) to help along with her awesome family she's in good hands! 

How did YOU survive the #PolarVortex? Get creative in any way to make it through it? Tell me all about it!!

Happy Running:)

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Teamarcia said...

Oh poor doggie bless his heart I'm glad you got him in. I have 2 13-yr old Bichons and when I let them out for just a couple of minutes one of them just gets stuck in the snow and I have to go out and get him. This vortex stuff is tough and I'm not even sure it's over here. Still -9 this morning.