Monday, February 3, 2014

Just a Quick Rant

Today has been a Monday that's for sure. I am a snow lover the more the better.  Unfortunatly in my area we generally don't get much, this year we have had several small snows (like an inch or so) and one good one last week. So I was pretty excited when all the forecastors said all day yesterday that we was getting snow and a big one 4-8 inches!  Only to wake up to about an inch maybe an inch and a half on top of a layer of ice! Although I had a 2 hour delay for work I was still disappointed we didn't get the big snow at this point I'm so over winter!

I rarely shop at Kroger but I did yesterday enough to get 10 cents off gas. I was so excited!  I asked Gerard if he wanted to meet me after work so we both could use the discount. He said "No I'm good". I get a phone call at work saying "Umm I went and got gas and I think I used your 10 cents on accident" WHAT!!??!! Gee thanks I'm thinking he should go buy $100 in groceries to get it back!

Then shortly after that a nice young punk that wasn't happy that he owed taxes on more vehicles than he thought apparently got furious and decided to fling a pen at me as angrily stormed out narrowly missing my left eyeball!

Yep today is Monday. I've had enough for today so I think I'll go to bed!

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