Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 Things Thursday- Rain, Race Recap & Practice Run

*This week has been nothing but RAIN, RAIN & more RAIN! Ugghh!! Tuesday and Wednesday morning it was pouring rain at the time we run in the morning (5am!!) and if I don't have to then I AM NOT running in the rain. Yes I am a WIMP!! This morning it wasn't raining but I couldn't drag myself out of bed. Sorry to my morning running buddies I AM A WIMP TODAY!!

**Last Saturday, April 26 I ran another race in the Rockcastle Regional Series, the Fairview Baptist Run for Russia 5k. I was unable to run this last year so it has been since 2012, I thought I remembered the course being fairly flat and easy and by judging my time in 2012 I thought I was right. Well that's what I get for thinking..... I took off way too fast for me and the first entire half was nothing but up and down hills. Where did they come from and how did I do so well in 2012?? I survived the first mile and most of the second but the third which was the easiest was terrible it was all I could do to run in fact I pretty much would run a couple of minutes and walk a minute or so. In my opinion I really sucked! And my mile times showed it. Mile 1- 8:32, Mile 2- 9:06 and Mile 3- 9:46. But somehow I did manage to pull off 2nd in my age group with a finish time of 27:56! One thing I didn't like about they allowed the top 3 overall Males/Females to receive both overall awards and age group awards?? I didn't think that was too fair! The best thing about that day was my oldest daughter decided to tag along:)

Yep I'm the shortest in the family!

***This coming Saturday will be the start of my local series that got me started in running! Every single year it usually rains and it is not an easy course at all. The forecast has been calling for rain but now it is changing and it may not rain! Sunday and Tuesday Sherry P and I went out and did practice runs on the course, both of these runs we did in the evening it was hard on us since we aren't used to running in the evenings. But the second run was much better than the first day and I shaved a minute off of the time! Now if I can shave off another minute on race day!!

Any BIG races coming up this weekend for You?? Do Share!

Run Happy :)


Darlene said...

I hate to run in the rain. I avoid it...only if I signed up for a race do I dare.

One Crazy Penguin said...

I do not do rain unless it is a race day. It's miserable!

My S.O. has his first 5K this weekend that I am crazy excited for!

Sherry Peavler said...

Congrats on your race time!!!
I'm like the others, no running in the rain if I don't have to!! 😊. Come race day, regardless of rain, ITS ON!!